The Order of Shiva


Shiva the Destroyer: To destroy one’s pettiness, sorrows and short-comings. The three prongs of the trident of Shiva represents the Power of Will, the Power of Knowledge and the Power of Action.


Finally there is the fifth order, the Order of Shiva. Shiva (the greatest of all left-hand path deities) is Transcendental; Shiva is Spirit. The Hindu god Shiva’s early incarnation was Pashupati, a horned god. Shiva is the masculine force, while Sati (Shakti) translates to power, and is considered the feminine force. Together they are two primary anthropomorphic archetypes as described by Carl Jung, elements of the collective unconscious.

You will learn Nietzschean and Eastern left-hand path philosophy, while challenging one’s self not only mentally, but physically. You shall participate in a great, “self-overcoming”. You will learn to become master of your internal chaos, embrace your personal demon and reach the stage of the Higher Man/Woman.  When the Cenobite has passed this order, they have risen to the degree of Hyperborean. The highest degree in the Sect.

The Six fetters, or bonds, to break in the Order of Shiva:
daya – sympathy
moha – delusion
lajja – shame
bhaya – fear
ghina – disgust
varna – station in life


Participation in the Order of Shiva is by invitation only.





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