The Adversary: Living a Life of Opposites

Austin ~ Member of The Sect of the Horned God 


In no reality will Satanists live in a world of peace. It is a lie, a grim fantasy bereft of rage and legitimate accomplishment. Man is an animal of conflict, of war. The Satanist exists in a reality that is comprised of chaos and recognition of the not-so-pretty realities of life. This recognition is an undeniably positive one though, as the Satanist possesses the unique ability to grasp the destructive nature of humanity and claim it as his ally. As Satanists, we are aware that up is down, left is right, war is peace, and freedom is slavery. When the Satanist lifts himself from the ill-begotten, manufactured high-horse he has been told he must ride to Heaven, he recognizes that his reality is unique to him, and that, because of such a gift, he can expect nothing but war.

When confronted on why the Bible-thumper lives a life of submission and slavery, he would often respond with, “Well, the Bible says I must have faith in my good pal Jesus to get into Heaven.” This is easily one of the clearest picture the Satanist can paint when explaining why “up is down”. To him, Heaven is the place of torment, the one and only Hell. Spiritual submission is an outright revolting concept, as the biggest and most severe crimes one could commit against themselves would be to become a slave to his own imagination. Even if the Christ-Dildoer were to prevail in his proselytization, the illusion of eternal peace would so effortlessly crumble, as now he must live a life of alienation. Alienation from his instincts, alienation from his desires, and worst of all, alienation from truth.

An incarnation of the flip-flopped reality walkers of the Left Hand Path exist in, is found in the George Orwell novel “1984”. Although, the adversarial concepts like “left is right” were meant to outline Big Brother and his malevolence, the Satanist takes hold of this idea and proclaims it his ally. Intellectually and literally speaking, left truly is right, as the self is put through a process of deification. This inversion can be interpreted as an inversion of morality and its objectivity. “Responsibility for the responsible” is a commandment perpetuated by Doctor Anton LaVey in the Satanic Bible. Love and care is not to be wasted on those who are judged unworthy, a position completely opposite to the one found in the Holy Bible which praises perpetual abuse of love. From a moral standpoint, “left is right” could not possibly be a more apt descriptor. The Satanist obeys his instincts above his emotion, and shuns the “love your enemies” idea as a dishonest, unnatural pipe dream.

The Seventh Satanic Statement goes as follows, “Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!” (Lavey). Moreover, as such, man is privy to endless conflict, whether it be over territory, food, or potential mates. Man is vicious, and Satanism emphasizes the recognition of this aspect of our instincts, and embraces it. War is intertwined in the very blood that so many pious, righteous people of the faith pretend they would never, under any circumstances, shed (although history says otherwise). The aforementioned point that there is no creation without destruction outlines that conflict is an inevitability of life. This is not of course a bad thing however. Mental and creative conflict can be the greatest of influences in producing magnificent works of art, poetry, literature, etc. Through the conflict of all kinds that as humans, not just as Satanists, we will face, we are presented with a unique opportunity to turn our troubles into triumph.

It is fair to say that as people, we are not equal. Science, for example, is continuously discovering physical and psychological differences between the sexes for example. The Satanist recognizes the innate characteristics that set him apart from the rest of the world, and can clearly see himself as an animal living in a cruel, unforgiving world. As animals, humans too are imperfect, selfish, and flawed. The concept of freedom is unattainable, as man is again, selfish and will cause chaos in order to get what he needs. Naturally, governments have tried and failed to establish a limited form of freedom and have repeatedly failed. The Satanist sees man as incapable of handling the responsibilities that freedom entails. The manufactured form of freedom so-called “Democratic” societies embrace, has been built upon Holy foundations, and, as such, people have been taught to deny themselves and their instincts. Christian slavery has seeped into every facet of society, and has embraced Capitalistic money-mongering in an attempt to control man. To the Satanist, freedom is only found when he looks inward.

         The word Satan simply means, “The Adversary”. To be a Satanist, you live a life centered around morals and values that are an inversion of those said to be Holy. Satanism recognizes that living any other way would be a farce, and welcomes the struggles of living an honest, fleshly life. To us, Heaven is Hell, wrong is right, destruction is necessary for creation, and inequality is equality. Conflict is as essential to the Satanist as his heart, as without it, his heart would have no reason to continue beating.

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