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The Orders

There are five orders within the Sect of the Horned God. They are in place to educate those new to the left-hand path and to aid the member as they ascend the degrees. But some worthy aspirants, showing that they have accumulated years of knowledge in left-hand philosophy, will automatically leap from Neophyte to Cenobite without having to partake in the first four orders.

Participation in the Orders is not mandatory, though it is encouraged. One can stay in any order, or at any degree they are comfortable with. But to speak for the Sect, partake in the academic side of the organization as an instructor, or participate in our many planned campaigns, one should at least have risen to the degree of Acolyte.

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysus
The Order of Shiva

A short video explaining the Orders of the Sect of the Horned God:

Degrees of the Sect of the Horned God

The degrees of the Sect are in place so that the members can chart their personal progression on the left-hand path. More often than not the journey upon the LHP is a solitary one, filled with trials and tribulations. Very few accomplish their goal of self-deification. Many may claim it when they step upon the Path, but simply being on the road in no way means you have reached your destination.



First level: Neophyte

This sigil represents the human being as beast.  The objective of this organization is to help the individual to go beyond the stage of the simple animal and to reach “self-deification”. This is where the Sect of the Horned God differs with the Church of Satan. Just because you declare yourself a “god” does not make you one. This is the reason stagnation is so rampant amongst many modern Satanists. They step onto the left-hand path and just stand there, beating their chests, declaring their divinity, feeling no need for progression.


2. aco

Second: Acolyte

The second level, Acolyte, is represented by the sigil of the horned beast and the word “Pan” written in ancient Greek. Pan is not only the name of a horned god, but also the Greek word for “all”. At this stage faith has been denied, thus leaving one open for “all knowledge”. This does not mean that you are suddenly endowed with “all the knowledge of the universe”, it simply means that the potential for learning is limitless now that the stifling influence of faith has been removed.


3. ceno

Third: Cenobite

The Cenobite sigil is represented by the horned beast and the inverted pentacle. The pentacle, with the point downward, reflects the grounding one must have to reach self-deification. With the power of personal will, ultimate knowledge of one’s own individuality can be manifested.


4. Hyper

Fourth: Hyperborean

This is the sigil of the Hyperborean, the highest level in the Sect. It is represented with the horned beast, the word “Pan”, and the pentacle. This symbolizes that one has reached a level that brings together a synthesis of the human as beast, the denier of faith and true self-awareness of the individual, thus leading to self-deification.

6 Responses to The Orders & Degrees

  • So are you saying that one cannot be of a religion and join this? Because i am a Satanist but i would like to do this to help reach a higher level of enlightenment on a personal level. My Faith is very important to me and is a big part of my lifestyle, I would love to join but I would not be able to if it meant forsaking my religion. Am I simply reading what you wrote down wrong?

    • Theism can have value in the appropriate context.

      I think a person of ‘faith’ would not find much of value here though. In a general sense, we embrace the idea of people pursuing a higher level of understanding but reject the idea that gnosis comes via the machinery of faith.

  • I am of Asian descent, and was born into a Buddhist condition (Tibetan Buddhism and Kudalini specifically). This type of meditation was a common discussion in my Chinese family, and I was able to connect with very easily. From that point, I identified Kundalini as a falsehood and a manifestation of electrical, bio-electrical and magnetic functions that exist within the brain, spinal column (“chakras”) and throughout the human body. I am unclear as to which Sect Order is applicable to myself. I am very humble, and do not want to assume that I fall into the highest Order of the Sect, merely due to my understanding of how meditation actually works. Also, my intensive study of Theistic Satanism in no way entitles me to such a positioning. I believe that the best choice is for me to start at the bottom. Some of the statements made in the above video are completely foreign to me. Lastly, I’m having difficulty filling out the survey for membership, because of my lack of knowing how to download it to provide answers. Any assistance from the Sect would be appreciated.

    • Joining is voluntarily. To a more or lesser degree, we are driven by merit.
      Being concise, having respect and being civil are aspects embraced here.
      I suggest you stick around and read a bit before joining. Getting a feel of the place.
      All are welcome if respecting and possessing the aforementioned traits.
      All are, however, advised to lurk before joining.
      Wouldn’t want anyone wasting time and money on a cause that ultimately is of desinterest or risks to towards disappointment.

  • I am glad to find spiritual teachers with genuine wisdom to share, a beneficial, rational approach, rather than fabrications. I think the open mindedness is very crucial for spiritual advancement, to experiment and reach reasonable conclusions rather than to swallow information and rely on bias. Our human mind is very expansive when we allow it.
    By the way, I have felt a heavy connection with Baphomet throughout my life. I feel this is a powerful and important entity with potentially valuable experience/knowledge.

  • I’ve been reading and listening to the YouTube on Frederich Nietzsche this philosophy. Very interesting point of view found within every charter. The best way to understand anything is of by joining and religion this way you can avond the pitfalls of dogma and introdoctrantions in which you become stuck in its dogmatic ruling. If searching to leave the slaves mentality meaning behind the herding mentality to become a master of your own subconsiousness its better to study teachings and incorperate what works for you.

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The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysis
The Order of Shiva