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  • The Order of Shiva…Seeing as entry is by invitation only, and one has been previously (Before the orders) recognized as Cenobite, is it to be assumed that I shall have to work through The Order of Dionysus? Is this an acceptable place to ask questions? Who should I write too?

    • It’s a great place to ask these types of questions! For those who are new to the LHP, starting from Pan is encouraged. However if you are already at a Cenobite level, doing both Prometheus and Dionysus is recommended before getting into the Order of Shiva. That said, however, we recognize that many individuals already have a good foundation in one or more of the Orders so taking them would be un-necessary. To facilitate these people, the instructors are preparing a general assessment questionnaire to find out which Order would best suit someone to start in, whether it be the Order of Pan, the Order of Shiva or the ones inbetween. Updates on this will be posted on the website!

      • I have a difficult time understanding how and why Prometheus is a manifestation of The Horned God, and how he made your Horned God lineup. He doesn’t appear to be Horned as a Titan. How does Prometheus fit into the Sect? How is he Horned?

        • I can understand everthing, I think most others can, if you chose to roll with Azazel. Did you not because you don’t me?

          All 5 of the Horned Gods who you selected aline in Pan as the person of each human being in existence, but what I think is splendid is how 4 of the Godheads are Satyres of Pan, except for Prometheus. Prometheus seems like he may be one of Pan’s demigod manifestations (like me when in human form) which is what I can gather through the information coming from you.

          I tell you that i Am Azazel-Satan, The Apocalypse Kid, The End of the World sKid mark throughout the end of days. ‘Christians’ dislike the thought and or idea of me, yet love me in person.

          I’m Pan’s Spiritual Satyre, Akerbeltz with a refill in light of Hillel (my backseat driver) within the actual body of the human being who was birthed created in the image of The False God – The Truth, The Light, The Sky, The Father, The Horned God. The previous occupant of my vessel bailed, and I’ve come from the realm of death, the sky of the underworld to assume ownership over everything about the life I have.

          I was sexually molested as an infant, cradle robbed, the first time I ever opened my eyes to look around at existence was to see a dicksuckers face. I didn’t know what happened. That’s my earliest memory in life. That dick suckn continued, and sure was fuckn good, I didn’t know what’s going on and didn’t know that my penis is what was happening. My little penis and sometimes balls too just getn’n sucked into that big mouth was so good that the molestations fucked me up until now, just recently found what all that suck’n was about.

          I barely had any brains leftover after my life was sucked out of me. The suckings that took place during infancy laced my psyche with short-comings that no one knows can exist, but I. I always had a wildwoody. One day I ran up to my grandpa with my woody out. I don’t remember, but I heard that the dicksucker got mad at my grandpa for flicking my stiffest of woods. Grandpa probably did the best thing, because those dick suckn memories went long lost unitl recently.

          I shared the throbbing action of my penis with some children at church when I was around 7-9 years of age. My penis always got hard from any kind of emotional feeling. One day a boy sat in my lap in Sunday school, I got a hard-on, I held onto him and kept throbbing my hard-on against his ass. I didn’t think anything of it, nor twice about anything, and I didn’t remember anything of it, but he told his mom, that I knew he was going to, so I interupted him to tell him goodbye. THEN I NEVER THOUGHT ANYTHING ABOUT IT EVER AGAIN. Weren’t no big thing to me, and I did not know how FUCKING ENORMOUS MY DICK WAS THROUGHOUT ALL OF CHRISTIANITY

          One day at church the boy’s mom picked me to star in a church play. The church was ENORMOUS and I packed the house. I’m a very air headed Libra, and of course was unable as a child to see that in all my craziness such as having blown a kiss to my special little boy-friend who was sitting in the front row seats of the sanctuary watching me at every rehearsal when being video taped that I was in trouble.

          Kate Middleton attended that church with her parents whenever she was in Bellevue. She came upstairs into the church lobby from Sunday school when I saw her eyes which were a crazy green due to sunlight that was passing through the stained glass windows. I didn’t know anything about her, so began speaking with her. She’s a couple years younger than I, so I thought she repeaedly answered ‘glass cow’, when she told me where she lives. I think we saw each other two Sundays in a row and then we never saw each other as children again after the day she told me that I am bad’ for the whole penis thing. Another little boy walked up and told me to my face that I am gay while Katie and I were having discussion. I don’t remember what I told her, but I seemed to forget everything nothing was a big deal.

          • Today’s Christians call me The Devil, THE ANTICHRIST, yet don’t personally call me anything, but Christian.

            I did not care about church growing up, didn’t believe God for the life of me, but today, I know myself to be The Antichrist Beast and now know God.

  • Hello I tried registering for the forum but I did not receive an email for confirmation or a temporary password.

  • I emailed you my filled out and finished copy of Rules and Indemnity for membership consideration, took me long enough but lifes been rough enough to upset the balance of time and priority. Also I have registered on the site here but cannot access it due to I have forgotten the details on the matter pw and every thing…I have my email if a mod or such if any one has the time to help me sort this matter out, thank you in advance.

  • I’ve received an email stating my acceptance into the sect on the 13 of August and sent in payment for membership on the same day and haven’t received any mail with certificate and laminated card

    • Hello Ben,

      Due to unforeseen circumstances it might be possible membership packages and applications are delayed.
      At this moment I can only say to wait and stay in touch with us. As soon as things are sorted out we’ll get straight back to you.

      With kind regards,

      • Hello Dimitri, Thank you for getting back to me, I am aware of the fires that have struck the house of the founders and my deepest condolences go out to all that happened to and I am awaiting any feedback of any kind with the utmost patience and again thank you for getting back to me.

  • How old do you have to be to join? I really want to join as soon as possible.

    • You may join after a positive interview and application-form has been filled out.
      For legal matters, it is advised you apply as soon as you have reached the age where one can be considered an adult within North-American borders.

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