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  • The Order of Shiva…Seeing as entry is by invitation only, and one has been previously (Before the orders) recognized as Cenobite, is it to be assumed that I shall have to work through The Order of Dionysus? Is this an acceptable place to ask questions? Who should I write too?

    • It’s a great place to ask these types of questions! For those who are new to the LHP, starting from Pan is encouraged. However if you are already at a Cenobite level, doing both Prometheus and Dionysus is recommended before getting into the Order of Shiva. That said, however, we recognize that many individuals already have a good foundation in one or more of the Orders so taking them would be un-necessary. To facilitate these people, the instructors are preparing a general assessment questionnaire to find out which Order would best suit someone to start in, whether it be the Order of Pan, the Order of Shiva or the ones inbetween. Updates on this will be posted on the website!

  • Hello I tried registering for the forum but I did not receive an email for confirmation or a temporary password.

  • I emailed you my filled out and finished copy of Rules and Indemnity for membership consideration, took me long enough but lifes been rough enough to upset the balance of time and priority. Also I have registered on the site here but cannot access it due to I have forgotten the details on the matter pw and every thing…I have my email if a mod or such if any one has the time to help me sort this matter out, thank you in advance.

  • I’ve received an email stating my acceptance into the sect on the 13 of August and sent in payment for membership on the same day and haven’t received any mail with certificate and laminated card

    • Hello Ben,

      Due to unforeseen circumstances it might be possible membership packages and applications are delayed.
      At this moment I can only say to wait and stay in touch with us. As soon as things are sorted out we’ll get straight back to you.

      With kind regards,

      • Hello Dimitri, Thank you for getting back to me, I am aware of the fires that have struck the house of the founders and my deepest condolences go out to all that happened to and I am awaiting any feedback of any kind with the utmost patience and again thank you for getting back to me.

  • How old do you have to be to join? I really want to join as soon as possible.

    • You may join after a positive interview and application-form has been filled out.
      For legal matters, it is advised you apply as soon as you have reached the age where one can be considered an adult within North-American borders.

  • I have registered on this site but no email confirmation.

    • Hello Islewin.

      Subscriptions might take a while. Confirmations generally take some time.

      With kind regards,

  • I took the survey, I do have a question though. Is the sect “Theist” or “Atheist?”

    • In the strictest and most often accepted understanding of those words, the general stance of TSOTHG is atheistic (varied by individual member). Being that we’re also pragmatic, the question becomes, more importantly, ‘what do you do with it?’Someone who is focused on railing against what others choose to do, for example, is a less potent individual than one who is focused on personal goals whether or not they formulate a god or a pantheon of them to help/inspire. Someone might be inspired by an individual in business or on television or in film but that’s based on a personal interpretation of what that person or character is. One might say the same of a ‘god’.

      • That’s not the typical response, at least not something I’m used to hearing. I’m straight out of Theism and that is right kind of attitude. Theistic community would rather argue about which of the Sumerian Pantheon is the REAL Satan, than offer up a statement like that. And those Gods are extra-terrestrials. Not presently, but in the past those kind of inner theological disagreements caused some great churches to self-destruct. Theistic Satanism destroyed itself because the people couldn’t find any common ground. There was ONE Theistic church that had it right, but it fell to the Marduk/Tiamat disagreement. And the central deity had nothing to do with what that church was about. It didn’t even matter. But stupid Marduk and his ego-centric ways…..You know how these Elder Gods want us to mine for gold and all that. Very ironic, all of the Theistic Satanist churches lack one important thing- Satanists.

  • I have this great Question that needs to be answered.
    2014 I was in Nepal. What happened to me that year changed My life.
    One day something whispered in my ear and I just ran into the woods and I threw myself to the ground and I heard a voice telling me to shout out the name. I couldn’t control it, it just happened. Once the words were out. There was no turning back for me. I entered a new world, a new life and a new me.
    The words Were very simple but so powerful: I am Shiva.
    I dedicate my entire life to that since that day. I know what I am.
    My question is, what can you offer me?

  • Hello. I just read an article on your site about Crowley. To me it seems kinda stupid putting inverted pentagram on that picture of Crowley. Also in that article there is written that he would have referred to himself as the beast 666(not putting word great there).

    • Thank you for contacting us,Ville.

      While there is some legitimacy regarding Crowley and the inverted pentagram, it is open to interpretation.
      However, while “..seems kinda stupid…” is a personal opinion and your right to it, it does little to nothing to induce a conversation or
      discussion of any worthwhile merit nor does it provide information about Crowley that could be useful for those unfamiliar with his body of work.

      If you wish, free to expand on your post and include supporting documentation.

  • Hello. I have registered with this site, but have not receive a confirmation of a password to use.

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