The Free Will of Fate

By Dustin ~ Member of the Sect of the Horned God
“Gods will” is often the rhetoric from religious followers. For them it is the explanation of events that are played out in the form of destiny.
 If life was destined, what life would that be? Are we all just puppets playing a role in the fantasy of a God that has always remained in indifferent to the world he choose to create? As with life, things happen that we don’t understand; Young or old, dumb, or wise. Chances are you have experienced something that made you question how or why. As a Satanist we all strive in some form to find the truth in the muddled water we call life and never relying on fate to give us everything we need or deserve.
Some would surmise lovers separating as an act of fate. Yet the real reason would more likely be a lack of communication, the fighting, and the cheating. The devil is in the details. So many people leave out these crucial details whether to make themselves look better, or perhaps preferred  to remain from divulging  private affairs. While doing so they would might rather say it was just God’s will and move on.
As  have several other great thinkers in history, on numerous occasions Anton LaVey has stated that man is responsible for his actions in some way . I have always believed you get out what you put out and not necessarily in a karmic way but in a spiritually subconscious way. In Hindu karma is believed to be the description of what is a result of the actions you choose,thus still accepting ones on free will, yet believing the justification of ones on actions.
However, today’s meaning of karma is seen more of a spiritual force taking control of the good and bad deeds as a result of his or hers actions and in turn relying on something else to reap what you have sown while leaving it up to fate to decide when and where. By taking it in your own hands you can decide that. Just letting destiny take its course is taking the lazy way out. More often then not nothing happens until someone makes it. People confuse karma for something that is already bound to happen, not in a predetermined way, but by an action that has led to another action. It can be compared riding on a bald tire; It’s not letting fate determine if it will  blow, but determining rationally  and factually how long it will last. If someone has done you wrong in the past, chances are they have done wrong to several others as well. Obviously if karma did anything it would have already. The only revenge you will get is the one you choose to do.

What is free will anymore?

After years of being indoctrinated by higher religious groups only wanting to keep you in the confines of their hierarchy,  is it all just predetermined by giving us only a few choices to make it seem real? . Questioning yourself and what you should do should come second nature. They will say you have free will with one hand, then slap you with lies with the other. To be transparent, it’s not only religious groups but schooling, parents, media, and society as a whole are all equally responsible. This is not to say these are necessarily bad. Learning morals, how to respect one another,etc,  are all great things to know, however to see how they influence your thinking is an important aspect as well. Instead of free will, it would be closer to guided thinking. Part of being a satanist is breaking that mold we grew into and finding the truth within ourselves. Growing into free minded individuals who not only think for ourselves but act as well. Free will is the venom that seeps into the clouded mind. It is the reason destiny is impossible to the person that thinks, loves, and lives on his own terms.
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