Rebellion Vs Religion

By Eric ~ Member of the Sect of the Horned God



 I base this essay on the YouTube video by Thomas LeRoy called The Sect Vs Online Satanists as it was moved me   because of the message it held.  In my mind, rebellion is a way of pushing back against views that you do not agree with, and in most cases, the views of teenagers.  A teenager sees the world one way because he or she has not fully experienced everything that life has to offer.  A rebellion should have purpose, it should mean something to those who are rebelling, and not have to do with religion.

  Religion is a belief system that we are taught or learn as we grow and like some (myself included) the views can change over time.  Thomas LeRoy and Mistress Babylon talk about how it shouldn’t matter to anyone what other religions do unless that religion affected us as children.  I grew up Catholic and was forced to attend church. I never understood how the church could tell nuns and priests that they were not allowed to have sex, but the abuse of children was a hush hush situation. This is a fine example of who cares, and why rebel against something I cannot control?

 To me a Satanist is his or her own god with his or her belief system and someone that respects all religion regardless of how he or she feels about that religion.  I used to believe that way that I think today was ridiculous. How could anyone believe in Lucifer as the teacher or the bringer of light? A lot of these views changed for me after reading The Devil’s Apocrypha by John DeVito. Are we simply crazy for believing we are our own gods? Are all religions just mythology made up by man to help us sleep better?  I don’t think we will ever have a true answer to these questions.

 Like anything in life that we enjoy, we should not allow that thing to control our lives but rather allow it to help guide us only as far as we wish to go.  Mistress Babylon talked about indulgence and not allowing this to justify you being an asshole. Yes we all need to calm down and stop pretending that we are somehow better than those who have different views.   My path is not rebellion; my path is further knowledge about things I wish to understand.

 In conclusion I see the path to enlightenment.  I seek my new religion as a way of learning about what I was once told is wrong and taboo.  The first time in my life I feel free of societies and families pressure to be part of something that I do not wish to be a part of. I will not pretend to have the answers because I purchased a satanic bible, and I will not pretend I have all the answers. I hope to one day meet others and learn from them as they help guide me to the truth. Religion should not be about hate or being considered and outsider due to sexual orientation, it should be about love and axcepting others for who they are.  

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