(The orders and degrees are established not as stratification, but instead as a road-map. The Sect of the Horned God adheres to no strict dogmas, otherwise we would evolve into a right-hand path organization.)


Maybe you’re new to the left-hand path, you’ve let go of your religious beliefs, and are now looking for something to fill that void, right? I ask you: Are you truly ready for this?
For those strong enough to deal with it, the metaphorical “Death of God” can be a good thing, but for many, not so much. They don’t like the fact that they, themselves, and no one else, are responsible for their lives and its outcome. They’d rather be a faceless member of a flock. And this goes for most people who revolt against the established order.
So, are you strong enough to face your demons and brave the horrors that lie within the Dark Absolute of the psyche, withstand the death of God, and face the reality of your autonomy realizing that you, and only you, are responsible for yourself and that you don’t need a guardian, God or government? If so, then welcome to The Sect of the Horned God!

Thomas LeRoy,
Founder of The Sect of the Horned God
Northern California






The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysis
The Order of Shiva