A New Hurdle

By Austin S. ~ Member of the Sect of the Horned God
Painting by Zdzislaw Beksinski
      An epidemic, a bunch of whining, millennial weakness, so on and so forth. It goes by many names, but the rise in mental health awareness and the bounds made in the field of medicine over the past several decades has led to mass speculation. Therapists can be damn near tripped over, as they have become so prevalent in society. Sufferers of mental ailments such as manic depression, O.C.D, or anxiety often fall under the radar however. Despite the amount of attention mental health has garnered in the medical community, the stigmas that have been implemented into societies internationally with surgical precision still exist. Even in the realm of the Left Hand Path, do these same “It’s just weakness” or “It’s a bunch of whining” stigmas bare their faces. This is not malarkey, and it is not weakness. As Satanists, hell-bent on a lifelong process of self-deification, it is our duty to maintain our health, both physically and mentally.
Of the nine Satanic sins, hypocritical self-deceit relates most closely with mental health. One who blatantly ignores their problems or attempts to control them on their own, will fall victim to this vice sooner than later. The essential Satanist recognizes that he and only he, is truly in control of himself. That is not to say that the cause of whatever ailments he suffers from is his fault alone, however, he must choose whether to be boxed-in by them, or to throw a combo of his own, and learn to turn his pain into prowess. The Left Hand Path is an often lonely one, but that does not mean all issues must be dealt with via iron will and perseverance. The recognition that perhaps the Satanist should consider therapy or any other source of aid, is far more impressive than the egotistical fool who, because of his boundless hubris, only tightens the chains and begs to be enslaved.
To continue to deny the need for help, as previously stated, only harms you. Pride itself, can be an overwhelmingly powerful force, and can bridge the gap between a strong individual, and a week one, if balanced properly. If one searches for and eventually claims success, then pride is the crisp bottle of champagne to uncork in celebration. Despite all its evident uses for good, counter-productive pride can make whatever gap one is trying to bridge, miles upon miles longer. The Satanist who believes himself to be so mighty, so ultimate, that resorting to outside sources for help would result in him becoming weaker, is a prime example of this. It takes wisdom and strength, true wisdom and strength, to recognize that outside help is necessary. As previously stated, pride is to be confirmed through successes and triumphs. Basking in the glory of false pride, that which has not been earned, is a disaster in the making. By being realistic, by staying true to the fact that you are human and have faults, pride can, at long last, be validated. Once the problems one has have been dealt with, the bottle can be uncorked, and savored.
Before we are Satanists, we are flesh and blood. As much as we would like to think we are made of hellfire and brimstone, a force immune to trite illnesses like depression, we simply aren’t. The beauty behind being a Satanist, behind being a living example of carnal mastery, is that we embrace our flawed nature as humans and live a life free of guilt. Ignorance of our mental ailments is inexcusable. As research continues on into the whys-and-wherefores of mental illness, it is the sole responsibility of those embarking on the Left Hand Path, to avoid the trappings of hypocritical self-deceit and counter-productive pride, and to emerge with horns bared, cigar and glass in hand, awaiting the cheers of celebration
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