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The Sigil Project: Rise of the Homunculi

Fear, anger, frustration, distraught, depression,.. this and many more feelings stem from the inner core. Stemming from conflict with the inner core self. The place where ones inner demons reside.

Within Satanism it is frequently said to embrace mans carnal nature. To embrace the inner beast and recognize ones own demon(s). Various methods exist to bring forth and recognize that which brings inner turmoil.

Some people will read-up on the experiences of others and start accepting the seemingly “conflicting” stances. These people recognize that the source of their distraught comes from the fear of “not being like the others”. A sort of mental alienation and fear of rejection by having “probably not socially accepted ideas”. By opening up and talking and discussing they found peers and embraced their demon.

Other people challenge their demons. They seek out danger and put themselves in harms way “to test their metal”. By putting themselves out they explore their own borders and fears. Through conflict they recognize their “demons” and understand its nature.

Yet other people will conceptualize their demons through symbolism and sigils. They may, and can, use the previous methods or bringing it forth. This method also stands on its own by taking an introverted stance and mentally “make flesh” their anti-archetype. To “make flesh” their anti-ego.

A frequently made mistake by the initiate is the idea of being haunted by multiple demons. This is a mistake as “the demon” is your “sinister” or “anti”-side. It is singular in nature. It envelops the many anti-aspects of your own inner, core self.

Within the Sect we offer you this chance and rely heavily on this conceptualization of your inner demon as the sigils are unique TO EACH INDIVIDUAL. It is the sum of all perceived “demons” (the sum of all your “anti-” aspects) into the sigil of your very own and unique demon.

Even though, through time, will certain aspects and your “anti-” change. Just as your “ego”/”inner core self”. It happens with the maturation of ideas and embracing the carnal nature that is prevalent.

The sigils offered and made are unique in the sense that they will last your entire lifetime. They are unique in the sense that they will always live with you. They are unique as they will always be relevant up until the point you wither and die.

Use your unique sigil wisely. It is highly personal and hence equally much more powerful than all those others which can be encountered in a variety of occult works.

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