Rights vs Entitlement.

By Dimitri
“An opinion is like an asshole. Everyone has one.”

Like any other mundane human being, I’m quite keen on having a variety of choices. I’m also quite keen on my freedom of expression and being. I have rights! I have possibilities! Pretty dandy if I say so myself.

But there’s a modern day cancer growing. A cancer caused by the public lack of differentiation between “entitlement” and “rights”.
“To have a right” implies you’ve got a choice. An option to indulge and/or follow a specific road. It’s cool.

Entitlement on the other hand implies that you are inherently deserving of a certain treatment or privileges. Now that shifts the scale quite a bit.

The difference here is this. A “Right” will indicate that you have the choice and are possibly deserving of a specific treatment, aspect or consumable. Entitlement is the demand of follow-up. Sounds highly logical no?

Up to a certain extend: yes. The growing cancer in modern-day attitude is the awareness of ones right and the incessant entitlement to everything in accordance with personal value.
Still sounds logical? Good, it implies you understood and embrace the basic Satanic principles of “will” and “individuality”.

Where’s the problem? Scope and situational idiocy. Everyone is entitled and has the right to their opinion. However, if you are going to enforce your right of free speech and proclaim loudly your entitled opinion of “Build a wall to disallow those lazy Latinos entrance” in a Mexican pub in hands of a Mexican cartel… you’ll be shanked to death before another racial stereotype empties an entire bucket of KFC-wings.

It illustrates that you have the Right to do things and are entitled to them. It is, however, your own responsibility for the possible fall-back. As such, we make a full circle and end up with a quite important part of the 6th Satanic Statement: “Responsibility to the responsible”.

You have your rights and are entitled to them. It is easy to own-up to them. The modern day cancer is the lack of the second, and most important, part which implies owning-up (or taking responsibility) for the possible fall-back of practicing your rights.

The world cannot be bothered by your personal crusades. It will even retaliate (even quite severely) if your lack of responsibility and incessant entitlement is against other special interests.

Go out and practice your freedom and rights…IF you are able to cope with possible retaliation and IF you can handle freedom (which is something VERY FEW can).

The Sigil Project: Rise of the Homunculi

By Dimitri

Fear, anger, frustration, distraught, depression,.. this and many more feelings stem from the inner core. Stemming from conflict with the inner core self. The place where ones inner demons reside.

Within Satanism it is frequently said to embrace mans carnal nature. To embrace the inner beast and recognize ones own demon(s). Various methods exist to bring forth and recognize that which brings inner turmoil.

Some people will read-up on the experiences of others and start accepting the seemingly “conflicting” stances. These people recognize that the source of their distraught comes from the fear of “not being like the others”. A sort of mental alienation and fear of rejection by having “probably not socially accepted ideas”. By opening up and talking and discussing they found peers and embraced their demon.

Other people challenge their demons. They seek out danger and put themselves in harms way “to test their metal”. By putting themselves out they explore their own borders and fears. Through conflict they recognize their “demons” and understand its nature.

Yet other people will conceptualize their demons through symbolism and sigils. They may, and can, use the previous methods or bringing it forth. This method also stands on its own by taking an introverted stance and mentally “make flesh” their anti-archetype. To “make flesh” their anti-ego.

A frequently made mistake by the initiate is the idea of being haunted by multiple demons. This is a mistake as “the demon” is your “sinister” or “anti”-side. It is singular in nature. It envelops the many anti-aspects of your own inner, core self.

Within the Sect we offer you this chance and rely heavily on this conceptualization of your inner demon as the sigils are unique TO EACH INDIVIDUAL. It is the sum of all perceived “demons” (the sum of all your “anti-” aspects) into the sigil of your very own and unique demon.

Even though, through time, will certain aspects and your “anti-” change. Just as your “ego”/”inner core self”. It happens with the maturation of ideas and embracing the carnal nature that is prevalent.

The sigils offered and made are unique in the sense that they will last your entire lifetime. They are unique in the sense that they will always live with you. They are unique as they will always be relevant up until the point you wither and die.

Use your unique sigil wisely. It is highly personal and hence equally much more powerful than all those others which can be encountered in a variety of occult works.

The Devil within

By Dimitri,


We are but human. Never forget those 4 words.
I, like probably many of you here and elsewhere, have chosen to associate with “Satanism”. To embrace our carnality and revel and search for our own expressions and freedoms. To know and acknowledge the darker side of our psyche. The knowledge humanity IS greedy and egoistical in nature. The knowledge that freedoms are sought and how conflict can somtimes bring out the best results. That violence, how harsh and cruel it might be, sometimes IS necessary in order to develop and leap forward. We know no one truly is equal to one another. We know there are many differences that legitematly can be used to differentiate and alienate others if deemed “unfavourable” or “unpopular” or….

When proclaiming to walk the Left Hand Path, when proclaiming to be “a Satanist”, these things are but natural to accept. So why would I post a fragment from Charlie Chaplin’s “The great Dictator”? Why would I post a speech where a man proclaims unity which, on first sight, stands into stark contrast asto what Satanism entails.

I share the speech, and this piece of filming history, because it shares an underlying and timeless idea. The very idea that all religions and philosophies have at their core. People searching for their own happiness. People acting to protect their happiness. The underlying idea is not to mindlessly embrace one another. The general idea is how sometimes decency and civility, despite conflict and differences, is also part of human nature. It is one of the things which enabled our specie to thrive on after conflict. The maturity to, despite all atrocities, move on one way or another. Perhaps not being able to look one other in the eye or even mend the scars that have been delivered. But to have the decency to let one another lick their wounds. The maturity to recognize the rotten things and evading them. To spew on them and prevent them from getting closer and taking over body and mind.

No, I do not believe in unity nor that man at its core is evil. Neither do I believe man is egoistic nor that he is good. But I do know humans seek their own happiness. This alone might bring about the devil that resides within us. People may find happiness in their love life. Others in carnality and unorthodox behaviour. Maturity and decency dictates civility. It does not imply we must defend or mustn’t judge anothers’ actions… to idly stand by. It implies that you, as a human being, have the right to act upon others if you see fit. It also implies the decency to back off and have the mindfulness to ignore those things which do not influence nor have an impact on your well-being and happiness.

You are but human. You seek things for your happiness. To act upon that knowledge and to expand upon it is a universal vibe. It is Satanic by nature.

So when people come to you and proclaim Satan by questioning all and everything. By being contrarian or praising adversity for the sake of adversity.. then those people are charlatans. They have a notion what evil entails but will never reach their full potential, let alone ever understand Satanism, by reason they do not know the full extend of their own humanity. They seek darkness by staring at the sun and failing to notice their own shadow.

So go out and seek your happiness. Have decency and civility to ignore or react. Have the maturity to know when. The devil within cannot be found. Only its shadow be recognized. Be wary that the carnality and “Satanism” you embrace is but the full extend of your own humanity.

Written version can be found here: The great dictator.



Down the rabbit hole

By Dimitri


[For in a republic, who is “the Country”? Is it the Government which is for the moment in the saddle? Why, the Government is merely a servant- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them. Who, then, is “the Country”? Is it the newspaper? is it the pulpit? Is it the school superintendent? Why, these are mere parts of the country, not the whole of it; they have not command, they have only their little share in the command. They are but one in a thousand; it is in the thousand that command is lodged; they must determine what is right and what is wrong; they must decide who is a patriot and who isn’t.

Who are the thousand–that is to say, who are “the Country”? In a monarchy, the king and his family are the country; in a republic it is the common voice of the people. Each of you, for himself, by himself and on his own responsibility, must speak. And it is a solemn and weighty responsibility, and not lightly to be flung aside at the bullying of pulpit, press, government, or the empty catch-phrases of politicians. Each must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, and which course is patriotic and which isn’t. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide it against your convictions is to be an unqualified and inexcusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let men label you as they may. If you alone of all the nation shall decide on way, and that way be the right way according to your convictions of the right, you have done your duty by yourself and by your country–hold up your head. You have nothing to be ashamed of.
– “Papers of the Adam Family”  ]

Do you recognize this quote? It has been featured in the Marvel franchise of “Captain America” (Civil war) in an albeit slightly changed setting.

CA transcript:

[“Doesn’t matter what the press says. Doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn’t matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right.

This nation was founded on one principle above all else: The requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — “No, YOU move.”
― J. Michael Straczynski, Civil War: The Amazing Spider-Man ]

In and in itself the initial quote sounds as a patriotic cry. Slightly negativist yet it passes on messages which shouldn’t be forgotten by those walkers among the LHP:
– To remain firm in ones decision (no matter the cost and opposition)
– To take pride in the way which is being walked
– To be confident.

The path is solitary and hard when it is being properly walked. There are no safeguards nor nets to prevent oneself falling into rock-bottom (unless you’ve foreseen them YOURSELF).

Within this small piece of text “The country” can be substituted by “The LHP” or “Satanism”. The message will remain the same: there are no certainties or authority except your own duties and sense of responsibility. You are, as always, on your own. Your only compatriots are your confidence and the duty to uphold your own. This is what the second part of Straczynski’s quote implies. Nothing more and nothing less.

Clueless sustainability

About 50 years ago no one would have thought how big sustainability and ecology would become. Those were the years of industrial plentifulness and jobs. But with industrial growth comes a cost. In the late 60ies and early 70ies awareness for the environment was on a slow rise. A historical “first” came from Rome, Italy where the “Club of Rome” published an important report which lead to the foundation of sustainable thinking and acting titled “Limits to Growth“.

Global sustainability and “thinking green”, around this period of time, only held great appeal within the hippie sub-culture and became associated with this sub-cultures image. This lead the entire movement to remain running in the background due to the social stigma granted by the majority of participants and their “sub-culture” involved. It wasn’t until the turn of the century, while slowly moving to the forefront during the 80ies and 90ies through environmental disasters alike the Exxon Valdez oil spill and the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown (to name the worst), that the environmental movement gained its momentum.

Thank to the documentary “An inconvenient truth”, (directed by Davis Guggenheim and about former Vice-president’s Al Gore’s campaign to educate citizens about global warming)  the environmental movement received public attention and appreciation. It was only then that the environmental movement became a hot topic running at the forefront. Despite the inaccuracies and faultive  (or mis-interpreted)  information portrayed within this documentary, it was a wake-up call and persuaded many companies, officials and governments to include sustainability within their policies. Despite the goodwill of politicians, officials and civilians alike there’s still one major question which boggles the minds. It’s only 2 words long: “What’s up?”.

To the climate- and environmental scientists this is a question the most frequently asked. People are concerned with nature and their environment and are genuinely interested to conserve their ways of living while still managing to enjoy the biodiversity and (pleasant) living conditions nature offers. When it comes down to sustainability, there’s 3 major themes:
– Waste,
– Energy,
– Diversity.
All 3 themes are subjected (in official policies) and measured against the 3 P’s. The 3 P’s are the pillars by which a product or policy is being measured against in order to be labelled “sustainable”. The 3 P’s are:
– People (or the social aspect),
– Planet (or the impact on environment),
– Profit (the economy).

When talking about the 3 themes (followed-up by the question “What’s up?”) the entire debate becomes more complex. Surely the stance can be taken to go all out on “Planet” but chances are this might affect “Profit” and “People” negatively. The same thing applies to both “People” and “Profit”. The entire thing even gets a higher complex dimension when it is pointed out that the 3 major themes are interlinked with each other.

But the problems aren’t with the defining and taking “sustainable” measurements, actions or attitudes. The main problem lies within defining sustainability itself and the hidden costs those measurements bring about. Let’s take for example solar energy and solar panels. While through official measurements solar panels can help to lower electricity production and costs (in some cities, states and countries you can even get an annual/monthly subsidiary for placing of having placed them), there’s the hidden costs having their impact on the environment despite their main, and popularized, “environmental friendly” statute. These hidden costs remain hidden unless a “Life-Cycle-Analysis” is being used. The promised sustainability might just take a dive towards making things worse (and it does so with numerous “sustainable technologies”).

The environmental movement, which became a runner at the forefront, gave rise to a new kind of industry. It gave rise to an industry which produces new technologies which also means production of non-environmental friendly by-products. For every new hybrid car you see driving around by the so-called “environmental-oriented” individual, an impact took place. The inconvenient truth is how many of the costs on the environment, that were (made) visible/apparent to the consumer, have now become “hidden”. There’s no conspiracy involved, it simply is through the complexity of the entire thing that one average mind fails to see the entire image (and even a great mind has troubles keeping up with all the twists and turns to see the full scope).

Every step taken has a counter-effect. So you drive an electric car now? Where does the electricity come from? The power-plant (increased productivity which means an increase in nuclear waste) or from a Closed-cycle gas turbine (increased productivity which means a raising need for coal and/or natural gasses)?

Solar energy through solar panels? The prime elements to make a solar panel are: plastic (which needs raw oil to be produced), silicium, copper-wiring and metal. All elements pertaining to the quite non-environmental friendly mining-industry. Energy through wind? Windmills would seem a favourable option. But in order to keep costs low the rotor-blades are made from the difficult (to non-)recyclable composition of polyester and polyurethane (plastics). And while it is said the blades themselves can keep on running for 15-20 years, many have to be replaced within a span of a mere 2-3 years for safety issues or deformation due to strong winds for extend periods of time. Not to mention the production of energy is subjected to windforce (no wind = no production, too much wind = no production as there’ll be a shutdown for safety and stress which can damage the turbines).

Bio-fuels? It depends which generation. The first generation of bio-fuels involve an impact on “Planet” (by loss of biodiversity as there’s a need for raising a mono-culture) and “People” (as its agricultural impact involves a loss of agricultural place for food-production). The second generation was a small step ahead as it were bio-fuels produced from inedible plants (or dispelled remains from edible ones). The problem here is once again “People” (and in a lesser extend “Planet” if there was the choice to produce non-edible plants with energy-production in mind). The problem still remains in the agricultural sector as many to the inedible plants (to us) and dispelled remains are used to feed livestock (after a bit of industrial processing). The third generation have none of the troubles involved with the first two generation. A typical example of 3rd generation bio-fuels is scum oil (oil produced from Algae). The problem here lies within application due to its chemical and physical traits. Studies have shown engines and generators breaking down more early than expected for undisclosed reasons. Other problems include the need of mechanical modifications (pre-heating before injection) which come at a cost.

With all these examples it becomes painfully obvious we’re still a far cry away from sustainable living. The problem isn’t so much the goodwill but moreover being clueless to the effects of every step and attempt taken. Even to professionals “sustainability” is a hot-debated word as to a certain extend, they’re equally clueless and can only conclude through the traditional “trial and error”-experimentation. The inconvenient truth about sustainability is how much relies on “academic guesses” and (personal) conviction. But it’s still better than coming to an apathetic stand-still and wondering why the planet suddenly became so hostile without any means to defend ourselves.

Confidence and paranoia

Confidence and paranoia.
By Dimitri

“We are looking for a few outstanding individuals” but it’s not you that’s being looked for. Let’s be honest, how many individuals are truly “outstanding”? Not too many. We’re all pieces of trash when it comes down to it. Well.. not exactly trash but it stands to notice we’re practically invisible while standing in the crowd. Sure within our “sub-culture” there’s these few names and people who invoke some degree of infamy, but nothing too mind-blowing.

We’re just general people doing general jobs and living ordinary lives. (Even if we dress up all black and have frowned-upon memorabilia).

But why being so keen on the “outstanding individuals”-part? Well, we like to stand out and be looked upon as an extra-ordinary case. Frequently this translates into deviant behaviour or a vigorous attachment into studies or physical exercise. While the various outings and attempts to become that “outstanding individual” are cheered upon, it’s just running in a stand-still. There’s people who study hard to earn degrees, others who train like crazy and reach the body they yearned for (in order to become a model or such). But more often than not, it is in vain. The graduate with a Ph. D sees him/herself applying for a job at your nearest Mac Do, the sportsman sees himself earning a living as a paper-boy. In general, their hard work meant nothing despite having the required skill-set or assets.

What went wrong?

A lack of confidence and/or a lack of character. Maybe being over-confident to the point of being a total asshole. The inconvenient truth: this applies to all of you. At best there was a display of adherence to individuality. Not individuality itself. I saw Satanists getting into law-school and, despite their good-functioning brain, have been living on the edges of poverty. Strolling down to the nearest pub with free WiFi to stay in contact with (like-minded) others as they couldn’t afford to pay the bill. I’ve seen others living independently yet running into health-issues by miscalculated choices (unnecessary medical procedures) for a mere headache that could have been solved by a small adjustment of sitting time behind a computer-screen. Not to mention a further deterioration of health by the now obligated sedentary “rest” as ascribed by the doctors (stress-evasion).

I’ve seen vocal big-shots whose vision of Satan and its “-ism” being considered “real FUCKING deal” getting in a temper tantrum because of a light-hearted comment/joke. Not to mention the ever on-going butthurt because he/she didn’t get his/her way. The best part? They were just average persons in real life with a hardly memorable curriculum or hard-earned skill-set. The types of person where the first reaction is “oh, THAT guy” (with an undercurrent of admiration due to being caught up in the talk and not so much his/her actual walk).

In order to be outstanding you have to walk confidently. It’s like having a date with a handsome man/pretty women. Talk may get the panties soaking wet when done properly (even unconsciously), but to earn the reputation of a true gentleman who exactly knows what (s)he’s doing (both in terms of sexuality as being “established”) needs a whole lot more effort. Anyone can wear the suit and play the role. But it’s only acting, easily spotted by the various small “fuck-ups” as they temporarily fall out of character. True character is engrained deeply into the psyche, hence the “Satanists are born, not made”. And this is the fault many make (play-acting).

I’ve done several job-interviews (both as an applicant and as an employer). The most outrageous fact here is every time I applied for a job I was immediately hired on spot. Even if I didn’t match up to the experience demanded. Even worse , on one occasion I wasn’t even “dressed to impress” and turned up in my casual (heavy metal) clothing and was still accepted. I stood apart just by “being” my confident self. No one likes an ass-kisser nor does anyone like a self-absorbed person. As an employer I only hired the people who had the skill-set and who can own up. Come at me with a very detailed CV and a motivational letter with all the perceived “virtues” and “milestones” and you’re out (as it smells fishy and there’s the likelihood of it being mere talk or “incomplete truth”). Come at me as a desperate guy and be lucky my foot isn’t up your ass.

Confidence is a key-word here. To be an outstanding individual means owning up and (intelligently) doing what the hell you want to do. Don’t believe in mere philosophical talks. Deal in absolutes.

As above..

“When ghettos become the mainstream of society, islands of individuality cannot help but harbor an elite.” 
― Anton Szandor LaVeyThe Devil’s Notebook

Sometimes a small reminder has to be given. A little push to look at the actual state of being from a society or (sub-)culture instead of a continuous trying to make the most popular ideology happen. Whereas it is easy to revel and support the quite hollistic terms of “freedom”, “carnality” and “individuality” it becomes more difficult to asses their true value within a landscape of like-minded individuals scanting the mutually agreed premises. The premise of individuality slowly being compromised as the individual now walks among the other like-minded and develops feelings of kinship and mutual trust. A something which eventually leads to cronyism. The individuality fully compromised.

With the emerging sub-culture and cronyism it suddenly becomes apparent that not all activities are being approached with the same sentiments. Certain fetishes  which make part of the individual suddenly being frowned or looked down upon. The “freedom” now being dictated by a newly created microcosmic status quo of the sub-culture. It, together with a part of expressing and indulging in carnality, has been compromised. At the end of the day it can only be concluded that the sub-culture (microcosm) became but an emulation of the higher culture it both tried to oppose and was birthed from (macrocosm).

The paths of adversity, frequently labeled as LHP, are by definition lonely for that reason alone. Individualism cannot be found in mutual agreement nor within any group with like-minded individuals who uphold those principles. You are alone, as it should be. The devil never worked in numbers.

“I wanted to create a forum, a loosely-structured cabal for the productive aliens, not misfits who need to depend on a group. After the re-organization, I was free to be more selective. I would much rather attract and lend support to those individuals who use their alienation—just as most leaders are usually different or distinctive in some way. Groups encourage dependence on beliefs and delusions to reinforce their omnipotence. Instead of fostering self-sufficiency and honest skepticism, I saw my group lapsing into blind belief and unhealthy anthropomorphism. That’s not what I intended and I had to make moves to get the Church of Satan back on track.” 
― Anton Szandor LaVeyThe Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey

The Atheist Label

All too often when discussing Satanism for a mixed audience , especially when it concerns the subject of the (symbolical) (ir)relevance of the (anthropomorphic) devil, and bringing up the all too known excuse of Satanists actually having an Atheistic outlook, many questions arise and even more so finger pointing to the seemingly contradictory statement. After all, how silly is it to wear the label of an atheist while your entire philosophy, and most of its key-symbols, are a direct reference to some mythological creature which is prevalent in Abrahamic religions? Not to say the empowerment of this symbol by a variety of rituals (alike the black mass) or recognition of so called “Satanic virtues”. These things, no matter how much they can be intellectually twisted and fitted into the “Atheist” label, will prevent from gaining any credibility. Even the most intelligent person, when it is being deconstructed, will state that weaving Satanism with the Atheist label is a mere joke.

And I will agree with said fictive  intelligent person. Satanism in and in itself is not atheistic. The individuals within may hold the position of being atheists but this in no way should be attached to the Satanist label. After all, I can’t hold a convincing face of putting “Atheist” as a religious orientation (as a non-believer) while in the meantime conducting “Satanic rituals” or empowering the symbol of the devil in whatever way possible.  A perhaps more fitting descriptor (note I refrain to use the word “label”) is that of “Free-thinker” as it denotes the freedom of mind and the possibility to make individual (philosophical) choices and practices which is celebrated and (should be) prevalent in many a serious/genuine adherent of the LHP or Satanism.


As a person I’m slowly turning away from the label of “Satanist” and begin favoring to label my praxis and philosophy as “Left Hand Path”. The reason thereof is me being pretty atheistic in nature and having never empowered, nor seen any reason to use, Satan or the devil as a viable allegory. The descriptor of “free-thinker” is one I already used since the beginning as it indicated the freedom of mind to progress and the involved (physical, intellectual and philosophical) choices as a means towards an end. While the descriptor hasn’t been mentioned until now (in any of my writings), it should become obvious by the underlying tone and position held.

A cathartic activity

In the search towards understanding and shaping the own weltanschauung it bears to witness how frequently a variety of different methodologies are used in order to “clarify” things in hopes of achieving an understanding or, like in some philosophies/religions, reaching enlightenment. Many of these methodologies involve trance-like states by use of meditation, drugs or both.
While these methods hold a certain efficiency by reason of (altered) focus, it seldom wields effective results as only the focus has been raised (or altered) and not so much the entire view. Most of the time will a shift of focus only result in a withdrawal of pride in association with apologetics  so that at the core of ones ego nothing changes and the possibility of screwing up is post-phoned to a later date where the events became yet another experience from the past (where nothing was truly gained nor learned).

The purpose of a cathartic activity is not only to alter focus but also, more profoundly, shake the ego and have a deconstruction of the will in order to further shape the own weltanschauung. This means a breaking down of the will through both physical and mental exhaustion which will trigger a purely biological defense mechanism which will not only make clear what matters, but will also place things in context and perspective. One such a cathartic activity is touched upon within the Order of Nine Angels and is called “the black pilgrimage”.  Another name under which it was published was the, conveniently called, “Self-immolation rite”. While within ONA there’s a certain focus on the importance of its historic roots and as a means to proof oneself to the order, the pilgrimage in itself is a cathartic activity because it shakes the aforementioned ego and deconstructs the will.

Whereas many within said order will see it as a one-time event of endurance and as a token for their loyalty, it is better seen as a tool which must be regularly used in order to progress and shape the own worldview. It is in the best interest of the aspiring Satanist, or initiate of the LHP, to have this deconstruction going on. Not only will it sharpen the mind to critically dissect, or simply dismiss, various intellectually worded brain farts, it will also shape perspective and bring about a change in character/personality as step by step the ego is being deconstructed and the mind guided in making and reacting to that which truly matters.

It is in the best interest an activity, like the self-immolation rite, is being offered as a tool to the aspirant in order for him/her to become “more” (through deconstruction of the ego and will). The authenticity of a cathartic activity is where  physical endurance (and in some cases suffering) stands prime and where the deconstruction of the will and ego will comes as an automated natural. It might also be said a variety of religions endorse the same kind of reasoning as a means to justify and have the religious proof their worthiness to their respective god(s). The difference would be the subtle reference that the physical endurance (or suffering) is not motivated by belief but moreover to distance away from the ego which enables such (religious/philosophical) motivations in the first place.

Further reading:
1) Christos B.; 2003, “The self-immolation rite: A guided Satanic pathworking through the dark spheres”; internet; http://archive.org/details/Self-immolationRite

2) Brad. J. Bushmand, Roy F. Baumeister; 1999; “Catharsis, agression and persuasive influence: self-fulfilling or self-defeating prophecies?“; internet; http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bbushman/bbs99.pdf

The Stern Judges

The fact you’re reading this update means an interest into Satanism, critical thinking and a support of various atheist ideas, after all, this is the official SotHG WordPress with the sect itself being an organization in support of these ideas. A variety of issues since its infancy have been discussed, are still being discussed and will probably be raised once again in the future. Issues ranging  from the question of stagnant satanism towards skepticism and the supernatural and onwards to various societal critics.

But how does this all add up? While many are being busy weeding through a variety of images, posting shit loads of pictures, reports, charities and trying to leave their mark by spreading various media articles through a variety of media devices linked to the great communicator (internet), a certain scrutiny has to be upheld. This is the point where the chaff is being separated from the wheat. While the intentions might be considered worthwhile or make up a part of the praxis, it severely lacks credibility by reason it isn’t put where it matters. I see many rejoice when the next blogs talks about “science updates”, stories of religious bullshitting being received with laughter and finger-pointed at while giving ourselves the reason of polishing the “superior then thou”-badge for not having fallen into it, or simply stories and blogs taking a hike and enforcing the idea of intellectual superiority by means of labeling religion as “poisonous”, “a rotting carcass”,…

While these are fun stories to read, it simply degenerates by the fact those are shared in a closed environment where the “anti-idea” is already celebrated. It misses the impact as they aren’t placed in places where they DO matter. With a stern face they can, at best, be labeled as amusing. Is it that surprising some will start taking a hike with it? Doesn’t satanism embrace the idea of progression through conflict? Your take is applauded, but at the very least know what your actions truly are. I’ve found myself repeating this sentence over and over again the last couple of weeks: “put it where it matters”. The stories and updates only “spread” the media, nowhere and not at any point is there an activism involved. I might as well click on the “like” button.

Updates about “injustice” and charities with an asking to sign the petition are akin to wallmart-greeter behavior and I fail to see any “satanic praxis” in that. Put it where it matters.


– Dimitri

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