The roots of magic. II

Disillusionment and loss of wonder.

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Look around and observe.
What do you see?
Computers and electrical lights.
What do they display?
Games, fantasies and blant information.

Surrounded by information overflow.
Is it surprising people reach out to cinematic universes?
Is it surprising the gaming INDUSTRY is booming?
Is it surprising alternate religion in on the rise?
Is it surprising people looking solace in fantasies?
The people have lost a vital part of their being.
Their ability to wonder.

Take a look at the occult-movement anywhere in the world.
People chant and performed pre-ordained and policized rituals.
Kneel to ancient names and indulge into metaphors.
Intellectual dishonesty!
Rituals of demand to the ancient spirits and gods.
Naive insignificance!
Complex interrelational pathworking trees.
Confusion through obsolescence.

It seems the wildness and intention of magical working has been lost.
Its very definition corrupted and forgotten as natural instinct dictates simplified rehearsal.
Automatization in a little sandbox.
Borders clearly defined and uncrossed.

The masters of yore were very different.
Masters of belief and common sense.
The greatest priests were those who tended their farms.
The innkeepers who heard the gossip and became wealthy influencers in their village.
The alchemists who laid the foundations of chemistry.

Do not imitate their being.
Practice their art.
Do not copy but learn the dynamics.

You do not believe in magic?
You dare claim to understand the basics.
Atheism and science makes the need for wishful thinking obsolete?
Are you surprised this “Atheist” age is one littered with depressions and high anxiety?
People have lost their touch of magic.

What is it?
It are not the chants.
It is not the rituals.
It is not the calling.
It is no given.

It is science.
It is knowledge of history.
It is experience.
It is praxis.

The modern engineer can be the old magician.
The programmer the old sorcerer.
The apothecary the old alchemist.

Times keep on changing.
Things common knowledge.
Condemned to triviality and insignificance.
Industrialized and processed.
No wonder remains.
As processes of skill became machinized in metal and flesh.
Mindful depravity and exhaustion.

The secret is easy to understand.
Learn to wonder.
The magic is not the result it wields.
It is acting. Combining.
Stepping beyond the border.
Lifting the veils of what you do not understand,.
Breaking the bonds.
And breaking out of the shell.

The roots of Magic


The Shamans and spiritualists of years gone by have left a long time ago.
Aural traditions were to remain but got heavily influenced and forgotten through the shifting sands of time.

As us, the modern world, put forth our concrete buildings.
Discuss political escapades, our latest vacations abroad and get lost in the fantasies of superheroes.
In fantasies or religion.
Fantastical world of social justice.
Encourage minorities and fight for respect and inclusion.

A part is missing.
A divine and magical hand.
Not only did Nieztsche predict the death of god.
He exclaimed it.
He boldly stated its replacement.
Look around you.
Look inward.
Most of our current gods are to be found in digital media.
Is it not that we seem to be living in a period of superhero revival?
Is it not that many of us vouch for a new cause?
Be it BLM, Feminism, Manosphere, Climate, Transgenders and the like?

Spirituality down the drain as the new mistresses learned about emotion and inclusion.
Natural fragility and exacerbation as we spin down into an abyss of self-righteous ambiguity.
Exclamations of mastery in the lower echelons of lesser magic.
Or call it marketing.
Or call it branding.
Mental fortitude to evoke emotive responses.
To guide the wills of many through social programming.
Exclaim the coming of the forthcoming of the next magical age!

Cowards in deceit.
By their own incompetence and fragile egoes.
The masters of old have turned into ashes as anyone could have foretold.
Spread around.
Their thrones and empires left to future kings and queens.
Yet none to take up their royal crown.

Is there not even a Helevant worm?
Has magic become insignificant?
Can we only rhyme for a dime.
Degenerate and devolve to cybernetic monkeys.
Apes who throw shit at the old masters.
And being a mockery of the inherent potential lost?

How long has it been?
When adepts set foot in the abyss of the natural world?
Dined with maggots beneath their feet.
Preyed and dined on vermin.
Washed themselves in creeks.
Slept in crevices.
Appreciated dawn after a cold dreary night.
The very first steps into the abyss.
To have encountered the natural primordial beast within.
Magical moments so eagerly evaded and seldom persuaded.

To understand their craft.
To walk the path.
And reach beyond.

Understand that mastery is not tradition.
Understand that it is not mastery in itself.
It is what is done.
“Will to power” are merely words.

Inherent cruelty and self-flagellation.
As fetishists lost in the abyss.
Searching for meaning and contentment.
Where none is to be found.
As overstimulated senses have been blunted and stunt.
Through emotional over-gratification.
And made to mock the pious disciples and masters.
Who could move the world.

There is a vacant throne.
Before the dare.
Can you?

New year, new me? HELL NO

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The year has passed.
Stomaches filled to the brim with food.
Gifts unwrapped.
Gained a little weight.. not too bad I will renew my gym membership.

Renew membership? You mean pay your fee right?
You mean it expired? You didn’t use it?

You hubris of a human!
Fucking munchkin!
New year new me?
Bloody idiot!

Do you even understand what it means to be a man?
Do you understand the meaning of self-respect?
Do you even understand the meaning of “being your own god”?

Let me explain it loud and clearly.
YOU are a human pile of waste.
If you want something you get to it.
You earn, scramble, train and become involved as soon as it sparks.

Stop postponing shit.
You, at least, wasted a month with doing nothing.
Life doesn’t live itself.
You got to get out and about.
Constantly work and improve yourself.

If you say “this year will be better”, you already failed.
It must have been “this year is getting better”.
Or something in the likes.
The essence is this: don’t stop.

Happy fucking New Year.
Now get to work!


Be yourself, be the beautiful individual you are.
All others who disagree are #haters.
You beautiful creature that you are.
Don’t forget about #Metoo.
Or about #Standwithher, #BLM, #StopfundingHate, #HeforShe, #NotmyPresident.
Stand with us because you are a decent human being.

Share that picture.
It will be liked.
Tweet that tweet.
Stand up for that precious like.
Show and share yourself you beautiful individual.
You are one of us.
You are compassionate. You have morals and dignity!

Now here’s the kicker… I truly hate all of it.
Dare I speak out? I do.
Should I share my sentiments?
I will… but oh wait, there’s that girl I like.
A #Metoo tag… just a quick like.
Perhaps a little emoji to make her feel better.
Perhaps she might notice.
But I am an individual!
Time to prepare dinner.
Perhaps hop into a starbucks later on and check the gathered likes on my blog, twitter, instagram and facebook.

You’re all bloody sentimental cunts with shit for brains and a will made out of used toiletpaper.
If you have an opinion you should be able to voice it loud and clear.
You should be able to stand and not care about the detractors.
You should be able to get bloody violent if the situations asks for it.
Words are mere words. Your principles and opinion should be holy to you.
You should be a mover and a shaker. Awe-inspiring and fearsome.
People should know you are not to be trifled with.
Your morality and principles are being laughed at, when do you stand up and kick that bitch right in the face?
You want labels and hashtags to define yourself.
You are not who you portray to be.
You comply to a picture perfect.
You are weak.

Now, stand up and do something.
You fucking twats.

At the Dawn

By Dimitri



Absence makes the heart go fonder.

Cravings and a feel of wanting pertain to daily life. The little growl in the stomach when passing rows of food when choosing what to buy and eat. These small fantasies about the gal/guy you see or thought naughty about. The things you would do when horny after a few days of abstinence (or by other means). That point when the computer needs fixing and reboot for the x-th time where you start talking to it in hopes it would work again. That small feeling of pain when you have to throw away that old baby-blanket or bear you have slept with. The reaction of calling out when hearing strange noises.

Small interactions that projects a self onto inanimate objects or intangible situations in order to get a certain sense of grip and hopes of manipulation and understanding. A proven effort as all of our ancestors applied the same methods. It gave growth to various cultures, beliefs and traditions. A survivalist instinct as it enables to see and discover certain patterns not immediately obvious to the mind. Yet, they give a certain handle.

This modus operandi is universally applied by all humans when confronted by an unknown. It is the reason why so many theories and ideas about aliens, spirits, ghosts and hidden authority are present.
It is hardwired in our brain that up to a certain point we start projecting traits to objects. Handle them as if in possession of a consciousness. Have this feeling of belonging and let it pass a variety of times through our brain to classify it under the well-known duality of positive/negative, black/white, good/evil.

The idea of assigning a “spirit”, which in this case implies a projection of self and/or conscious traits, to phenomena of objects, be they (in)animate or not, is what is being called “Animism”.
The thing itself is inborn survival-instinct but is central where it pertains to the evolution of culture and is the basis of many beliefs and spiritual practices. Indeed, any (Middle-)Eastern or Western belief, practice or tradition can be historically retraced to a person, or a group of persons, applying Animism and getting a grip on what otherwise was intangible and not prone to manipulation.

This assignment of spirit can be seen in all religions and practices. From the Aghori where the central idea is where Shiva pertains and is all. That the degration and taboos are in fact also part of Shiva and therefor considered “holy”, “divine”. It possesses “spirit”. Their practices, in not so long-winded terms, are veneration to this idea in order to evolve and reach a higher level of conscious or spiritual attainment.

We can look at every religion and draw red lines of common ground. Major distinctive factors are mostly geographical factors which in turn gave rise to different practices and traditions to appease “spirits”. Whereas native Americans developed dancing and chanting (as did African and Middle-Eastern tribes), Oriental traditions focused more on sound and burning of incense. The chanting and dancing traditions were more present in warm areas with lots of loose and dry soil. The movements ejected small sand particles in the air onto which water could condense and give rain as a result (if humidity was present). The Shamans of the tribes noticed these patterns and as such a variety of rain dances came to being. Dances to ward off “evil” spirits have a similar beginning. The more loud the dances and engulfing the fires present were, the less likely insects and predators would come to human settlements. To the primitive mind it was the good spirits “lending” their protection against the evil.

In Western and Oriental areas, practices were different. As we think “Oriental” we think of mountainous zones with monasteries on top of them. Things where avalanches took place, living was generally harsh and life not so abundant. Ritual practices implied the burning of incense, which spread a fragrance that could attract wildlife, and chanting in deep low sounds. The deep low sounds could be carried much farther than the high-pitched ones and served a multitude of purposes unknown to many. As deep low sounds carry much farther, travelers far away could learn of nearby settlements that provided shelter and/or if their destination was close. Deep low sounds also penetrate much better into materials. In the mountain regions, where avalanches endangered many a traveler or even the settlements, the carrying echoes kept loose snow moving to the lowest sides of the mountain. It helped downsizing the frequency of avalanches. To the common man, this was a manner and practice to stem the “spirits” and keep evil at bay.

Western tradition (or more generally, all those in forest or woodland) worked with sacrifices. There was less natural and geographical danger and plants and animals were/are abundant. Sacrifices could be seen as hunting methods. Sacrifices of blood were to attract predators that harmed settlements. The scent of meat and blood drew them near and gave an opening to remove the danger. The use of herbs and grains attracted insects and small critters which help creating fertile grounds. Feasts with abundant food and burning helped give back minerals to the soil. The fasting periods indicated the ending of reserves as they could no longer be held due to thawing and temperatures rising which made things rot and attract unwanted critters spreading diseases. Not following up was an invitation to “evil”.

As such, every practice can be placed correctly and retraced to their geographical origins and even to seasonal events. It is only in our modern world, bathing in luxury and comfort never seen before, that we have lost touch to the origins and effectiveness of traditions and practices. They became obsolete not because they never worked, they became obsolete as society evolved and such practice had become habit instead of function. Things such as prayer became window-dressing and misses its original power by reason it has been forgotten what its original purpose was (being meditation and reflection instead of veneration and worship). Prayer and meditation both originate from the idea of reflection. Whereas meditation is generally something internal, prayer is more external yet both serve the main purpose.The difference of the guy shouting at the world and the other one wanting to be left alone.

In modern times, people still indulge into Animism and seek out endeavors to still their stressed minds. They try to hold on to well-established customs but no longer want to be associated to their current forms. Indulgence in alternative traditions and making a mix of their own is the norm in modern times. In a certain sense, this appeal is more in line with our instincts. The practices in alternative traditions and practices, although watered-down and corrupted through philosophy, mysticism and personal liking, are still functional.

The self-entitled masters, wise-men and shamans of this current time have covered themselves in habit and the false authority of “tradition” but are none the wiser to their craft. Satanism in this regard laughs and points at the futility and arrogance displayed but is none the wiser. Modern Satanism, in this regard, searches for an authentic more while reflecting a caricature of what is. It challenges a wrong but neglects, or doesn’t know, what’s next or “the other”. Times are changing.

Non-compliance, holistic growth.


Things happen whether it is liked or not.
It can be daily seen and experienced.
The taxes you’ll have to pay, the climate change, non-belief in a spheric earth, evolution, etc..

Diverging opinions and clashing ideas is the natural state of things. It is only through challenge that things grow, develop and thrive. This is a principal in Evolution and the one consistent theme found in all fields that can be thought of.

Gather a group of men with a shared mindset and the result will be mediocre. Create some competition and you’ll get excellent results. Why? Because conflict gives rise to challenge. When people challenge each other they will give their all to outshine the other in the unforgiving quest to one-up. The end-result will be an amalgamation of sub-results tweaked and perfected to the best of those mens capabilities. The result will be better than the sum of its parts.

In this day and age where it seems you are being forced to walk in line with the masses by fear of being shunned, non-compliance is the enema most needed. It will be surprising to learn how few actually agree with, or want to walk the narrative, laid out by media and politics. That little awkward voice ignored might just be right. Something is awry.

It is a recurring theme in history where people who follow a leader that does exactly what its people demands (or tries to form the basis for amends in the future) is one that gives rise to stagnation and mediocrity. The leaders who did as they saw fit, and within their power, create a more natural state of affairs. They push their people into a state of creativity and non-compliance. They inspire others to take a step-out and challenge their impositions. People, en masse, will and are challenged to invoke their a-game. This results in movements, actions and gatherings which need to be of high-quality if they want to endure and break the imposed change.

The results of this can be seen in the current state of world.
A leader has stood up which changed the game on global scale. Never before has there been so much congregation and rising to the challenge that, as a matter of fact, the entire success is now built on the endeavors of its own people. The people are making their hands dirty to challenge a perceived wrong. It is no wonder there’s a sudden economic boom. There is no need to be amazed about the sudden progression being made where it concerns science, technology and education. There is non-compliance and people who are actively proving themselves to be better.

This is the natural and most healthy state of affairs.

No rights, merely options

By Dimitri

Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of the internet, sexual freedom.
All sharing the principles that an authority, frequently established through public opinion,
endorses and officially confirms the very basic principles on which society is built.
These are the very basic “Human-” and “Animal-rights”.
The basis for gender equality, gay marriage and many other motives where it concerns equality and equal opportunity.


There is, however, a small catch. In order for rights to be granted there is the need of an “authority” to justify oneself to.
While Government can be seen as the great “enabler” it is public opinion which forms and dictates the course that needs to be followed or requires the most attention.


“The public”, which forms the opinion, is a mix of brutal honesty and varied opinion but also of one-sided discourse and hypocrisy.
In modern media it has become clear that the general opinion isn’t always as consistent.
One broad picture is being painted by (popular) media but the silent jurors and people use another one.
The recent elections, and its fall-out, being the best examples at the moment.


Another historic example can be found in French history where “media” was highly critical of Napoleon but started to change tune when he re-approached Paris from his first banishment.Other examples can be found in British history with Margaret Thatcher who, in her time, was also a person
of mixed renown and appreciation. Nowadays considered as very progressive, back then reviled and shunned in certain classes.
It is, as they say, “The winners write History”. “The winners” dictate the sentiment and the opposition is painted with a very biased incorrect broad brush.


The public opinion sways through time. It goes straight-ahead, might make a few bends and suddenly stands opposite to its initial stance only to do the same thing many decades later.
This involuntarily shakes the whole foundation on which rights are being built. As the public changes so does its view and opinion.
This clash is made more clear with modern comedians and discussion panels.
Freedom of speech implies opinions can be freely shared on the account they are perceived as harmless and in-line of what is expected.
Slight deviation implies ridicule and even repercussions due to unfounded allegations taken into the extreme.


Can we really speak about rights and freedom?
We can’t. What we can speak about are options and choices.
These are different by reason those are the possibilities and different roads which can be taken.
They stand on their own. They might be well-liked or they might be reviled.
They can be sane or even borderline psychopathic.
A right is nothing more than a choice or option which is backed by public acceptance.
A choice or option can lack this advantage.


If someone says to consider your options, kicking him in the face and brutally murdering his wife is a valid option.
Not the most thought-out or even well-liked one but an option none the less.
The choices that can be made are the freedoms that one can posses.
But there’s also the subject of (personal) morality and standards. Morals are said to be steadfast but with the preceding information at hand it becomes clear this is also unsteady ground, rightfully so.
Anyone who has traveled on an international level will notice people from different cultures have different ideas and morals.
This can even be noticeable in a distance of less than a few hundred miles.


That which is defined as “the public” is nothing more than individuals who are being connected through a small and fragile red line.
In-depth discussion will reveal the similarities are super fluent and the actual individual opinion has that much more sides that one can begin to wonder how all came together to begin with.
When people talk about equality and freedom you may automatically and correctly assume they do so out of self-interest and that the held ideas are super fluent at their base.
No one truly believes in equality. And if so, it will be because of personal gain.
To hold on to egalitarian stances and principles of equality is a devaluation of the own standards.
Never compromise when it concerns your own. To devaluate those standards implies devaluating your own.
A man’s value is determined by what he stands for. To compromise implies to devalue oneself.


Rights and freedoms do not exist. Those are merely indicators of compliance.
You only have options and choices. To choose and follow through is your real freedom.
Stand your ground and be a person of value. It does not matter if your stance stands against the other.
Be eloquent and stead-fast. Do not compromise and have people deteriorate your value.


You have no rights. Merely options.

Jumping ship

By Dimitri

Opportunity is something which needs working.
It is something that relies on chance and skill.
Opportunity is rarely, but mostly never, thrown in your lap.
It is something which needs a keen eye, resilient character and good assessment.
Even then, it is possible to fail. Not to worry, failure happens all the time with anyone.

Opportunity also implies to be able to go against established order.
To go against habit. To break habit and reach out.
You’ll have to jump ship.

Sounds easy? Think again! We’re talking about breaking rhythm of lifestyle.
Habits that became so engrained you no longer see them as a habit but merely a choice, a part of life.
Anyone who once went on withdrawal or diet has had such an experience.
To notice how a small regular thing became such a burden due to habit.

That is life. People tend to get settled in their ways. It’s fine but so much more can be attained.
You’ve got a house, a car, a loving wife? Good for you. Is it a reason to stop there?
It might be a good reason but life can become dull. A life without strife is a life not lived.
You can have a bigger house and a bigger car. Work on it. Do not be settled with what you have.

Create your opportunities. Work on yourself and work on what you do.
Own-up! Not content with how things are? You can either swallow the pill or create the opportunity
to jump ship. Sure, it is hard, but things can be worked out eventually.

The Satanic thrives on self-betterment. To become the better man.
Anything within the LHP has this becoming at its core. The Aghori have it, Luciferians have it and the Setians.
Even the Sect, as an educational foundation, embraces this core.
It is the reason why there are the different orders. Those are not established to differentiate and pet ones ego.
They have been established as to become more endowed in the arts. To become the better man.

You’ll have to reach out and dare to touch the proverbial monolith.
No one ever attained greatness by standing idly by.
Even pornstars need to be fucked to earn their pay and fame.
All of them multiple times in different ways.
Be glad you only get fucked in the proverbial sense.
It implies you can still stand-up or sit down to ponder on how to keep, or get shit, together.

Remember the story of Lilith.
The vilified woman within Abrahamic religion.
One of the very few feminine Satanic figures.
The first woman to say fuck-it and literally jumped ship towards a life more fulfilling.

Remember the fall of Lucifer.
The angel who fell and became Satan.
A masculine figure who jumped ship and went against god.
A man who choose to go against established order to bring some strife in the world.
The figure who enabled humanity to increase their potential in spite of the established order.

Jumping ship isn’t easy and certainly not without risk.
The swing from one ship to another will always provide the adrenaline to keep on going.
It is sane to fear the jump. It is insane to not try.
Especially when the ship is sinking.

Wizards of the internet

By Dimitri


In my day to day life I’m a technical advisor. A professional when it concerns a variety of HVAC-systems, water-treatment and energy-systems/resources. I advise people where it concerns the best solution for their situation as well as keeping up with the (esthetic) demands, technical possibilities, configurations and adaptability for future expansions.

This implies possessing good technical as well as mathematical skills in order for everything to work. This varies between small units or replacements and up to entire building-projects on an (inter-)national level from scratch.

This implies I have to heavily rely on formations and special courses from different companies to gather all my information. It implies I know where to look and what kind of information I need in order for the machinery/system to function properly for years to come.

For renewable energy sources, this implies I need to have a know-how of a variety of factors.
Some having to do with average temperatures, orientation, average wind speeds, hours of light, geological layers,… in combination with the characteristics of the project (isolation, configuration, volumes, lay-out, materials,…).

If a result is put on paper, it can be assured that it will be the most optimal one on a variety of levels
As always, there are also people who have their minds set and want to opt for a something else.
If there’s the technical possibility, things can be fixed (albeit at much higher rates).

With the age of the internet, which started in the 90ies, information is more accessible and almost
“free-for-all”. Nowadays, everyone can have access to information that was once reserved for “professionals”. On a variety of “specialized” forums, pages on social media and video-platforms people can now see a variety of “how-to” tutorials.

From a personal point of view this is great. It implies an attitude of self-reliance in society. The willingness to learn and be less depended on others. However, all this wizardry comes with a cost. The internet can only share information on “how-to” but fails where it concerns “what-to”.

As an example, people can look up the different kind of pumps and have an approximate idea what they more or less need. Some more savvy people might be able to pin down certain “solutions”. The even more savvy might actually know what kind of system they need. In all three instances will the person have an idea of how-to do it. The thing is, that which has been found does not necessarily match the actual and realistic need. For pumps on an oil-platform there are a variety of factors like density, depth, temperature, geological lay-out and continuity that need to be taken into account. He may “find” a few solutions that in detail confirm the needs… but it does not imply it is the best solution.

What most internet wizards (IW) lack is professional experience. They can stave with undisputable fact all the information that can be found concerning the products, and system, and I will have to agree with them. But that would only concern the system itself and not the global image of the entire situation. If I rely the information that the chosen pump does not suffice for the situation because of such and such, it is best to follow suit. There’s a reason that if I counter-act an internet-based self-found proposition, it is better to consider “why” and to shut-up.

Much of the discussions being had, revolve around the idea of “there it says.. and thus..”.
The person taking responsibility on the account a valid source indicated that it “could be” or “has been previously on that (seemingly) similar occasion”. This, in no way, can ever be considered as a correct reasoning. Every situation needs consideration. The IW does not understand this kind of fallacy. The pride of self-reliance comes with the pay of fixing the own faults and all costs (and not always the monetary ones) that come with it.

The technological sector is being hit the hardest. Many people look up and discuss “how-to”. A very actual few know what’s up behind it all and even these stand on the principle of always measuring up and giving a few possible solutions. (Just do the math yourself, how many times did you look something up on Google when your computer suddenly gave errors or couldn’t boot a program? Perhaps even “researched” other things like diets in hopes they will work?).

I have friends in the medical sector who increasingly have to deal with the arrogance of people that stems from IWzardry. People self-diagnosing and demanding unconfirmed treatments as they self-diagnosed the illness based on symptoms they “claim” to correspond. Conveniently forgetting there is a need for expertise to shift through the plethora of associated illnesses which have a variety of symptoms in common. Very often do I hear “patients” claim to have been mis-diagnosed while a small talk with the doctor reveals “the patient” has been stressing out symptoms that lead to a forced diagnosis. Some even faking symptoms (in a sort of placebo-effect) as their minds have already been set. The kind of idiocy that can’t be helped..

Other friends of mine see a similar trend arising in the juridical fields. People wanting to represent themselves in order to save some cash and thinking they can sway the opposition to give in. People who probably read about “similar” cases and the proceedings that were involved in order to try and have their win (only to fail miserably). They fix themselves on key-aspects but fail to actually understand what is going on and what other doors could be opened. They have no clue about the mechanization and play that goes on right in front of their eyes.

More and more does this become apparent. Wrongfully, this can be interpreted as the dawn of individuality and the beginning of a Satanic age where people depend more on themselves and will stand against a perceived status quo. A challenge of establishment. It seems to forget society has always been thriving on the individual strive of others and their knowledge. The IW does not get he’s but challenging his own short-comings. Holding on towards facts and figures but never fully grasping the extension of every situation. It is veiled ignorance cloaked in pseudo-intellectualism.

If there’s a person who has been specially trained to do a line of work, rest assured he cannot (and never will) be replaced that easily by a few tutorials and people who learned to read books and manuals. Even AI will fail to do the job of a professional as it too only relies on fixed parameters without second considerations. Its pool being too limited (even if it is the most complex one with the most extensive library saved in its hard- and software). It cannot read between the lines and see the red one on which it stands or collapses.

Rights vs entitlement

By Dimitri

“An opinion is like an asshole. Everyone has one.”

Like any other mundane human being, I’m quite keen on having a variety of choices. I’m also quite keen on my freedom of expression and being. I have rights! I have possibilities! Pretty dandy if I say so myself.

But there’s a modern day cancer growing. A cancer caused by the public lack of differentiation between “entitlement” and “rights”.
“To have a right” implies you’ve got a choice. An option to indulge and/or follow a specific road. It’s cool.

Entitlement on the other hand implies that you are inherently deserving of a certain treatment or privileges. Now that shifts the scale quite a bit.

The difference here is this. A “Right” will indicate that you have the choice and are possibly deserving of a specific treatment, aspect or consumable. Entitlement is the demand of follow-up. Sounds highly logical no?

Up to a certain extend: yes. The growing cancer in modern-day attitude is the awareness of ones right and the incessant entitlement to everything in accordance with personal value.
Still sounds logical? Good, it implies you understood and embrace the basic Satanic principles of “will” and “individuality”.

Where’s the problem? Scope and situational idiocy. Everyone is entitled and has the right to their opinion. However, if you are going to enforce your right of free speech and proclaim loudly your entitled opinion of “Build a wall to disallow those lazy Latinos entrance” in a Mexican pub in hands of a Mexican cartel… you’ll be shanked to death before another racial stereotype empties an entire bucket of KFC-wings.

It illustrates that you have the Right to do things and are entitled to them. It is, however, your own responsibility for the possible fall-back. As such, we make a full circle and end up with a quite important part of the 6th Satanic Statement: “Responsibility to the responsible”.

You have your rights and are entitled to them. It is easy to own-up to them. The modern day cancer is the lack of the second, and most important, part which implies owning-up (or taking responsibility) for the possible fall-back of practicing your rights.

The world cannot be bothered by your personal crusades. It will even retaliate (even quite severely) if your lack of responsibility and incessant entitlement is against other special interests.

Go out and practice your freedom and rights…IF you are able to cope with possible retaliation and IF you can handle freedom (which is something VERY FEW can).

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