Satanic Panic: Alive and Well


If you ever thought that the Satanic Panic of the 80’s subsided into obscurity, think again. As illustrated in the “News” below, it’s  alive and well and like a plague or virus, mutating form and perspective through current social fear and a whole lot of “allegedly’s”.  Most certainly shoddy journalism, in its never ending quest for a scoop such as the one below, is to blame for perpetualizing and vaguely trying to substantiate an idea debunked long ago. After all, fear and outrage is a big seller. It pulls people together and makes tea-time more palatable.

What I find interesting in this particular article, whether true or not, is that the prosecution is (alledgedly) placing the blame on a satanic influence via the inverted cross carved on the victims stomach.   So much for rational evidence.  Still, though,  judical defense does the same thing in terms of pointing fingers. The end result is arguing two sides of the same coin: Heads or Tails? Did the Devil make them do it or not? Of course not, but that’s the excuse.  Either way, they’re arguing fairy tales.

Faith is a funny thing. It’s used as a personal justification (selling your soul to the devil) and cultural diversion to deflect  responsibility, not only on an individual level, but in far to many instances, societal.

The end result, any way you look at it, remains a tragedy.



Texas Teenagers Charged In ‘Satanic Ritual’ Murder

Victim Corriann Cervantes, 15, had inverted cross carved  on stomach, say authorities

By Sam Frizell @Sam_Frizell Feb.  12, 2014
Two teenagers from Clear Lake, Tex. are in custody after allegedly murdering a 15-year-old girl in what prosecutors described  as a satanic ritual.Jose Reyes, 17, and an unnamed 16-year-old accomplice lured Corriann  Cervantes, 15, to a vacant apartment last Wednesday where they allegedly  sexually assaulted her and beat her death, reports a local NBC affiliate.  Authorities said Reyes and his accomplice carved an inverted cross on her  stomach. A local prosecutor claimed Reyes admitted that he had “sold his soul to  the devil.”

Cervantes was beaten with an ashtray and a toilet lid and was apparently  strangled, prosecutors said. Her body was found by a passerby early Saturday in  the abandoned apartment.

Neither suspect is eligible for the death penalty because of their ages.  Reyes could face a lifetime prison sentence, and his alleged accomplice,  whose name has not been released because he is a juvenile, could face up to  40 years in prison.


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