Pleasure in Pain



By Dimitri

People dream of leaving their mark on history. To be the best in the field they believe to be most experienced on. To bring about a change. To stand out by having stepped up before the masses. Be it through study and devotion. Be it by seeking ways to stand out from the perceived mediocrity. Always failing to comprehend there’s no difference between the proverbial “them” and “us”. It is a futile attempt, and indeed trait, to be the bigger man as all (wo)men are righteous and bigger than the other in their own distinct ways. Mindspace can invoke quite the illusions as if they almost become tangible…
The mind, despite being a curious and fascinating thing in itself, is quite boring without the flesh. What would the mind be without the stimuli of the flesh? How would the mind possibly know what sexual ecstasy is without having perceived the pleasure of intimacy between highly sensitive spots. The rubbing of skin on skin and invoked rapid breathing of the increasing thrusting movements and the release of hormones due to extreme arousal.
How would the mind know what strength is if the flesh has never stretched itself or never experienced the impact of brute force. How does the mind know what technique is if it never learned to perform successions of movements in repetition? It does not know. It can only imagine but not perform.
The mind needs the flesh. Otherwise it is unable to make sense of itself. It needs carnal pleasure to know what ecstasy is. But what it learns best is pain. People can learn tradition through words. They only have they obey them without thinking twice. It’s carved and pre-set. Mindspace can do the necessary “illusions” (albeit with a bit of stimulation if needed) to imagine possible consequences. But all people learn, oh how they learn, through pain. Without it, many things would simply sound so un-impressive. There would simply be nothing to relate to.

But what sights it can invoke. Arousal. Education. Responsibility. Humidity. Nostalgia. This and much more. There’s always a bit of constraint to enjoy the pleasures the flesh can offer. But let it be known that the greatest suffering can lead to the greatest efforts. Rejoice! As it is the truest vector to know and recognize reality.
There’s a beauty in suffering.
It reminds to the fact you’re no better than the lowest beast.
Isn’t it exhilarating to know your greatest mentor?
And people want to leave their mark on the world.
How utterly pointless. Leaving a scar is such more worthwhile effort.
Pain will always be remembered. The bigger the atrocity, the better the memory.


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