Not Worthy of Freedom

– By Dimitri, Instructor of the Order of Prometheus

Freedom. A buzzword frequently used to rally people behind a perceived oppressive cause. A buzzword used in different cultures as a token of pride and an asset as to “why” they’re better. Freedom invokes many philosophical discussions ranging to what it exactly is towards questioning its attainability and even asking if it truly exists.
Despite the many ideas and utopist scenarios of content it invokes did very few dare to question and entertain the idea if they are worthy of freedom [after all…we’re decent human beings and automatically assume we SHOULD BE entitled to it]. Even fewer people dare to question if they can handle it.
Freedom implies a decent knowledge of self. It implies reliability on the self. It demands taking up the own responsibility. It negates the possibility of a “US” vs “THEM” dichotomy and points the finger directly towards the self. Very few people can handle such a responsibility. As a social animal it almost becomes second nature to try and share responsibility with others in an effort to damage-control. It is almost second nature in excusing made faults on external factors like gods, faith, friends, enemies,… the proverbial “THEM (others)”.
Freedom places a huge mark behind the idea of self-sustainment and the ability to face your own choices. It comes as a little surplus to the idea of being free to choose and do whatever is desired. The main question is “Can you handle the judgement?” as freedom is something highly personal and not a shared asset in a culture, state or country. There’s only you and the always present and always numerous “them” who will not hesitate to judge and condone.
If there’s the inability to handle this responsibility than perhaps freedom isn’t something that should be upheld. The Satanist in popular (sub)culture is always seen as the adversarial force who questions and seeks answers through “conflict”. As a person who shuns and tries to break the shackles of religion and “cultural/social pressure”. But did it ever occur that despite the popular rallying cries those “bounds” and chains are perhaps self-imposed? That these chains are what you actually deserve, and willfully opted for, because there was the inability to deal with the responsibility and duty that freedom and liberty demand of the self?
The mind has always had the distinct trait of binding itself in one way or another. There’s always a good reason why it does so. Ask yourselves if you can handle the responsibilities that comes with free choice. There are always venomous snakes and spiders in the fertile green hills and plains of imagination.

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