Lesser is More in Magic



By Rasha, Member of The Sect of the Horned God

Never let them see you coming.

The wolf eats the sheep and shaves its hide with his rigged teeth, carved only by feeding throughout the years, and then he waits for the flock to return so he may join them, covered with the familiar cloth they know to be their own. And the wolf walks with them for a time. He licks them, shows them affection, for a time. Becomes one of them. Until the hunger returns. Following instinct and will, upon the Shepard’s folly, the beast makes them all his prey with gratitude in nature. Upon a hill, overlooking the slaughter, the goat watches with delight, as he has more grass for himself to eat now that the flock has fallen to the wolf’s ruthless attrition.

Most people can only see skin deep, and much like the flock, the skin which best resembles their own puts them more at ease. The word “skin” here is not necessarily a metaphor for race, but for behaviors, style of dress, social norms, and generally anything “herdish.” Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power references using something called the mirror effect:

Law 44: Disarm and Infuriate with the Mirror Effect

The mirror reflects reality, but it is also the perfect tool for deception: When you mirror your enemies, doing exactly as they do, they cannot figure out your strategy. The Mirror Effect mocks and humiliates them, making them overreact. By holding up a mirror to their psyches, you seduce them with the illusion that you share their values; by holding up a mirror to their actions, you teach them a lesson. Few can resist the power of the Mirror Effect.

Most people have weak egos. Accordingly, compliments can be used not only to disarm them, but act as the hypodermic needle to open their minds in ways which allow you to disseminate thoughts and ideas, which you will later allow them to claim as their own. For if your ego is healthy and strong, you need not take the credit, nor do you need the outer recognition from a sheepish herd, for having your will implemented is satisfying enough. As much as I’d love to use vinegar, the honey stick works best in most cases. Sometimes I’ll give someone a great idea and let them take credit for it. In the end, I don’t get the credit, but I get my way. And they take the fall if something goes wrong. Depending on your objective, this can also be used to “lend them enough rope to hang themselves.”

In my observances over the years, I’ve met too many so-called Satanists who describe themselves as the “lions of the jungle,” attempting to display their dominance in the most pathetic ways, while in reality, like most of us, they find themselves closer to the bottom of the North American socio-economic structure.

One of these people I will call Ginger. I met Ginger when part of a left-hand-path group around a decade ago. I argued that it’s best to act as the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” in society, as it is more of a Machiavellian approach—despite Machiavellian philosophy repeatedly being taken out of context—while he argued that he was the “lion of the jungle,” conquering all. In reality, he was a high school dropout in his 30s living in his mother’s basement and working a dead end job for minimum wage with no benefits. Hardly king of the jungle. Maybe, having little power in reality served as the vehicle to his delusion.

Speaking from my own experiences, being the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” makes practicing lesser magic much more effective. Although I’d prefer to dress in a manner which resembles the grotesque, I know that to accomplish certain things, it’s more important for me to “blend in.” This is especially true working in my profession. I often look like any other business man or church-goer, something the so-called “lions of the jungle” cannot begin to fathom, for they must wear their black, demonic attire at all times and without compromise.

It may be a hard pill for some folks to swallow, being on the path toward self-deification, that powers greater than themselves do in fact exist. What I also find problematic in CoS literature is when representatives credit the real socio-economic elite powers as “de facto Satanists,” which, I’d argue, is the same kind of circular logic used by Christians when describing “God’s Will.”

A true understanding of how power structures work in the world may open the doors to the practice of a lesser magic that works. Satanists aren’t normally accustomed to exhibiting humility. However, if one is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and facts, one must position their ego accordingly. Nevertheless, these Satanists will often argue a point, even if they know they are wrong, because either they are too insecure to admit they were incorrect, or somehow think they need to be the “adversary,” which often ends up being played out in the most counter-productive ways. I think one of the LaVeyan “Satanic Sins” deserves revisiting in this case:


Empty posturing can be most irritating and isn’t applying the cardinal rules of Lesser Magic. On equal footing with stupidity for what keeps the money in circulation these days. Everyone’s made to feel like a big shot, whether they can come up with the goods or not.

Humbling oneself to knowledge and evidence is something the right-hand-path religions are either unable to do, will not do, or can not do. Conformity to one or more popular ideologies can also stand as a barrier to critical thinking, serving as the underlying bias which shows not only a lack of intellectual perseverance, but also interferes with personal growth. LaVey writes:

Herd Conformity
That’s obvious from a Satanic stance. It’s all right to conform to a person’s wishes, if it ultimately benefits you. But only fools follow along with the herd, letting an impersonal entity dictate to you. The key is to choose a master wisely instead of being enslaved by the whims of the many.

If one’s comfort zone is not challenged, and those we surround ourselveswith resemble no more than a superfluous echo chamber, the ability to think independently is squandered. I’d argue, many who subscribe to the “Satanic credo” are just as hypnotized by the dominant ideologies permeating throughout Western culture as those who call themselves Christians, all the while remaining one with the sleeping masses, and failing to observe how the concept of “individualism” is in fact highly manipulative, fostering a sense of entitlement in some, and collective blindness in many. Most people among the mass think they are individuals.

Never let them see you coming.


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