The Sect of the Horned God

The Will To Power


By Walter H. – The Sect of the Horned God member

The will to power is a prominent concept and central tenet of Fredrick Nietzsche’s philosophy. The will to power describes what Nietzsche may have believed to be the main driving force in humans. “It is best understood as an irrational force, found in all individuals, that can be channeled toward different ends. Nietzsche explored the idea of the will to power throughout his career, categorizing it at various points as a psychological, biological, or metaphysical principle. For this reason, the will to power is also one of Nietzsche’s most misunderstood ideas.” (

According to Nietzsche there are four aspects to the will to power. They are the ontological, organic, psychological, and societal. The Ontology part of the will to power deals with metaphysics which is a branch of philosophy that looks at the very nature of things, their being, cause, or identity. The organic aspect is the philosophical perspective which views the universe and its parts as an organic whole and as a living organism. The psychological aspect seeks to isolate individual variables of human behavior, and the societal aspect is the social behavior and interpretations of society and social institutions in terms of ethical values.

In all aspects of the will to power, there is a common denominator which is survival or survival of the fittest. Nietzsche took seriously the idea that the will to power might be a fundamental principle operating throughout the cosmos. At times Nietzsche seems to believe that the will to power was more than just a principle that yields insight into the deep psychological motivations of human beings. In his book, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, he writes that “Wherever I found a living thing, I found there the will to power.” Here the will to power is applied to the biological realm. And in a fairly straightforward sense, one might understand a simple event such as a big fish eating a little fish as a form of the will to power; the big fish demonstrates mastery of its environment by assimilating part of the environment into itself.” ( It seems that Nietzsche took seriously the idea that the will to power might be a fundamental principle operating throughout the universe. 

While survival is important to the species and is the common denominator in the will to power, it might be considered to be the lowest degree of the will to power. While it’s true that if a being is threatened, it will defend itself in order to survive because death would end its power, when the being is not threatened it will seek to grow and develop in order to attain power. This is the reality of how the universe functions and not only applies to humans and animals, but also to plants and other biological organisms. “The will to power doctrine seems to claim that everything that exists rests fundamentally on an underlying basis of “power-centers”, whose activity and interactions are explained by a principle that they pursue the expansion of their power.” (

We see examples of will to power in our everyday world. One obvious example would be that of Adolph Hitler whose will to power led him to dominate and control Germany and most of Europe. Other example we may see is the motivated employee who rises in the ranks in his company eventually becoming a CEO. Although, the later example of will to power of the employee rising up in his company might be more aligned with what Nietzsche had in mind as the employee would defend himself against competitors, but more than likely would spend his time growing and expanding his or her skills in their quest for power.  We can use the same concept in the left-hand path as our quest is to grow by expanding our knowledge and seeking truths. While true that we will defend ourselves in event of attacks by religious zealots or conservative right handers, our true will to power lies in expanding our knowledge and growing in our quest to better ourselves.

The Dark Closet

By Rafael .O

Are closed eyes the reflection of ourselves that we don’t want to see? Repressed thoughts linger in the oblivion of the mind and through the secret unconscious revealing itself as a threat to your conscious.
Darkness is the first monster to come about to the human conscious as an aggrupation to our individualistic Left Hand Path desire. When the closet is locked there is no escape from the darkness for the bulb has been removed prior to entering. When they believe that the occult is an alternative and have not seen that it has been the truth all along; the repressed expression starts to manifest to torment those with what has been given to us. Being placed in that confined space, called a closet, is to look upon the talent of the self to be enflamed through that inner most punishment. It is strengthening your weaker aspects as to strengthen your stronger aspects in that one moment of traveling through the void as a reverse polarity of the nothing existing in yourself.

That dark closet is for when we know that ourselves are magic and then believe that it is to be the change in ourselves. The few moments that our dark aspect is understood to form our conscious and to let go of those lingering fears. When we devoured ourselves throughout life it is the stage that sets us back to the nothing that is the Nun or Leviathan. The nothing is an essence of thought that begins to form an individual to their own expression of existence through that never ending expansion of the void. It changes you the broken self into a sinister dark journey. The dark soul is the whole of the self, but a dark self is only a part of the self. The nothing encompass all the planets, the sun, life and death in a void of space that is not black, but unseen existence that we created to indulge ourselves in. The dark closet is a small death taking you into the abyss to define and abstract the talent of the mind. Art, music, writing, ritual, expression comes about from this rite of passage that the uncorrupt darkness gives us. Being put into the dark closet to confront that entity resting upon your chest that takes your breath away to not scream from the terror. The un-color was left there to begin the invasion of the mind to look upon the lies that humanity has bestowed upon us. I have ample control of every tribe of unconscious self to occupy another shell to understand the breed of the desert and the forest. I begin to not lie to myself to share this wickedness of loving life and death, for black is the beginning and ever so the end. We are our own offspring to begin a forsaken journey to search of the “let go” center of life; becoming our own clock, for there is no time in existence. But only the un-birth that can never be fully explained as this mystery is only the manipulation that brings us back to survival; to dwell upon that one art call unconsciousness. We can say that Lucifer is the talent of the Self and Satan puts the fire into it; to darken the soul.

The closet without light is as closed to completion as you, a pagan of darkness, can be upon the Left Hand Path to opening that door that is locked, but never staying completely locked. It eventually opens and each time that you are locked inside you are destroying parts of yourself to only become yourself. The occult is an uncompletion within the nothing that stays within the darkness without boundaries. If we don’t have pride you will never share that space of existence where death is not death, but only one for you to open, and become death. We let go of our desperation within the dark closet and the true animalistic intelligence comes out. Becoming understanding with yourself as a demonic familiar is there for you to assist in your desires and requests. It is you that you are evoking to come through for yourself being solely grounded without a definition of quality. Desperation is an enslavement. That’s why religion has no quality and is a broken hope without a definition that shuns others out of existence. We are the children of rebellion that look upon our necromancy into recognizing magic as to reverse any existing order within this sphere of locked closets. That solitude brings fourth in many dimensions that were never thought possible inside. There is no distractions to impede that front cover to fill the black ink onto the pages and is always beautiful in the un-boundness where the slave fear is no longer a distraction. The occult in any format should teach to let free the inhibition that holds you back into the otherwise. If there is no struggle within yourself then progression will never take place. There is a struggle within the dark closet and you will come out from it eventually to aid your true self away from social acceptance, but to self-acceptance.

Solar Winds

By Jared W.

         Esoteric History is a true passion of mine. While many find Pre-Modern Esoteric History to be their area of prime interest, I have a true love for the modern era. From an early age, I have been absolutely fascinated with occult societies and spiritual paths beginning with Aleister Crowley to the present. It would be no small thing to say that this passion fueled my collegiate studies in Anthropology and Middle Eastern Language. It has been my driving force for years.

I adore the Left Hand Path and all of its many branches. In particular the history of the Church of Satan has absolutely fascinated me. More precisely, those individuals who chose to leave the church and found their own organizations are intriguing. I have chosen to write about Dr. Michael Aquino.

I understand that there may be individuals within the Sect of the Horned God who were present at the time of this schism and have strong feelings about Dr. Aquino. This assignment asks me to expand on how the subject has been influential to me – I intend to do precisely that. I respectfully ask that the reader maintain an open mind when reading the following pages. The ideas set forth represent my own thoughts and feelings and are not meant to be controversial. Please note that I do not consider myself a Setian although the teachings set forth by the Temple of Set resonate strongly with my own Anthropological background and passion for Human Evolution.

Michael Aquino served in the United States Army as a Military Intelligence Officer through the Viet Nam War until his retirement from the Active Guard Reserve Program in to the late 1980s. While participating in the Viet Nam War, he joined the Church of Satan and soon rose to prominence within the Council of Nine. It was during this period that he wrote The Diabolicon. In it he posited that Lucifer as the agent by which insight was given to humanity.

In the mid-1970s, Dr. Aquino began to feel disaffected by the Church of Satan. He believed that degrees within the Church were awarded based upon the individual’s social role and that they should conversely be based upon the individual’s spiritual drive instead. The Grotto System was abolished in 1975 leading ultimately to his resignation on June 10th of that same year.
On the following Summer Solstice, he claimed that Satan appeared to him and revealed that his true name was Set. Aquino subsequently produced The Book of Coming Forth By Night – a book that was purportedly revealed in the same manner as Aleister Crowley’s The Book of the Law. Aquino’s work proclaimed him as the Magus of the new Aeon of Set thereby seizing Anton LaVey’s “Infernal Mandate” from the Church of Satan. The Temple of Set was consequently established.

His behavior during this period is not without controversy. In appearance, it seems that he was obsessed with damaging Anton LaVey’s character. He publicly released court documents and personal experiences that truly slandered the former’s reputation. Such behavior is not in keeping with the dignified example that members of the Left Hand Path should strive for. Nevertheless, the traveler must always search out valued wisdom regardless of the source.
Since it’s founding, Dr. Aquino has authored numerous works that have defined the Temple’s philosophy. This author finds the concepts of Xeper, Objective / Subjective realities, Greater / Lesser Black Magic, and the Black Flame as relatable.

Like most forms of the Left Hand Path, the individual sits at the center of his philosophy. Self-Deification is the supreme goal. One achieves Xeper when the magician “comes into being.” This act solidifies the ego and aligns the consciousness with universal essence thereby allowing one’s own immortality after death.
The universe is also divided into both objective and subjective realities. Objective reality is defined by the natural world and humanity’s collective meaning systems. Subjective reality is experienced by the individual only and his / her own meaning systems. Lesser Black Magic modifies objective reality through psychodrama, politics and propaganda. Charisma and human interaction define these types of workings. Greater Black Magic is more ceremonial in nature and is designed to change subjective reality. This is the vehicle by which the magician achieves Xeper. Workings are primarily done at the individual level.
The Black Flame is the “Gift of Set.” It is the spark that refers to humanity’s questioning intellect and sets us apart from other species. It gives us an “isolate self-consciousness” and the possibility to merge into the universe upon death.

But how does this relate to me?

My first love was always Anthropology. I remember sitting in Dr. Andrew Kramer’s Human Evolution Class at the University of Tennessee in love with our earliest of ancestors. I imagined the early Australopithecines traveling across the African Savannah. They had our eyes and hands, but not our brain capacity. How did they think? Did they believe in a higher power? Certainly the archeological record does not show any cave art or ritualized burial.

But something miraculous happened roughly 2.1 Million Years ago. We evolved into Homo Habilis. At that point, our brain size increased and remarkable things began to occur. Over a relatively short period in deep time, we started making art, fashioning tools, and burying our dead. We had changed! We were different! Fierce debates rage within Anthropological Science about this moment of change. We can’t quite put our finger on what caused it. It just happened. To me, this IS the Black Flame. It inspires me with passion for our earliest ancestors. It is the divine sub-conscious – the personal demon that drives us to success or insanity. We have carried the black flame deep within our mitochondrial DNA for millions of years. As Black Magicians, we have the opportunity to lock eyes and commune with Homo Habilis. Absolutely incredible!!!
Similar to the concept of Xeper, I truly believe that the esoteric traveler MUST delve within to reach the ultimate without. Through meeting and communing with one’s personal demon, the gateway is open for the EGO to transcend. Upon transcendence, our sprit is free to travel the universe upon death. The magician will be able to dance in eons old quasars, stir the cauldrons of malevolent black holes, and witness the birth of new universes as they burst forth from brand new white holes. One achieves divinity and is capable of sailing on solar winds as they travel across the vastness of the multiverse.
Lesser Black Magic is practical wisdom.
Greater Black Magic is Starry Wisdom.

In the words of Clive Barker, “There is a fine line between divinity and trickery.” This author has always remained skeptical of any “revealed” philosophy. It is entirely possible that Dr. Aquino simply made all of this up in an effort to delegitimize the Church of Satan. Is it not possible that Plato “made up” his philosophy as well?
As stated earlier in this paper, I strive to pull wisdom out from that which is controversial. Regardless of Dr. Aquino’s motivations, his brand of black magic has Anthropology at its very heart. The young man inside of me is thankful.
Hail Satan!!!
Hail Set!!!
Hail the ancestors!!!
Hail the Black Flame!!!

In the Beginning

By Ryan of the North, Member of The Sect of the Horned God

A very surprising archeological find in Turkey has cause a shake up of humanity’s evolutionary timeline from mindless beast functioning on pure instinct to the mess of civilization we have today. Known as Göbekli Tepe (Turkish for pot bellied hill), the site is home to multiple circles of very large expertly carved limestone pillars said to be about 7,000 years older than the pyramids of Giza; dating back some 11,500 years to the era of the late Paleolithic age. The roots of human spirituality, and the Left Hand Path, may be hidden in the story of these mysterious monoliths.

In 1963, the University of Chicago and the University of Istanbul conducted a survey during which the site was mistaken for a Byzantine era cemetery. Peter Benedict, an American archeologist having only seen the surface findings concluded the lithic where of Neolithic origins and mistook the large T shaped pillars for gravestones. In 1994 however, a German archeologist took interest in the hillside after reading the area findings from 1963. This man, Klaus Schmidt, has so far seen only 5% of the total area excavated as there was more under the hill than previously assumed. Turns out, the 16-ton monoliths are but one of many temples built one on top of the other. The people who made this temple also made the hillside it was seated upon. The people buried the original temples to makes newer smaller temples in the same location every few decades. How many times had this society excavated, artistically carved and transported the limestone used in these first temples? A magnetic survey in 2003 reveals 20 circular temples are buried at Göbekli Tepe all with similar design in decrementing size.

In the June 2011 issue of National Geographic Magazine, Charles C. Mann documents the way this site has changed perspectives since its discovery. His article entitled The Birth of Religion states that these massive stones had been transported hundreds of feet by people who had no wheel or beast of burden to ease the work. This would require hundreds of workers to extract, carve and move such stones. Yet, Göbekli Tepe has no evidence of agriculture, no huts, no immediately available water source as the closest stream is 3 miles away. This temple was not apart of a settlement of farmers and herdsmen; it was only used as a place of divine reverence by hunter-gatherers. The limestone pillars have been decorated in low relief etched images and high relief carved out images of animals such as snakes/serpents, lions, scorpions, bulls and birds similar to totems. Evidence has also surfaced as to the practice of personal ancestor reverence. Some prehistoric burial sites are missing skulls and show evidence of reburial. Was this the start of shamanism and funerary beliefs for human kind in a community format?

Let us consider these points. Foragers and hunters became religious before they became civilized. Did religion birth civilization? While no settlement is to be found at Göbekli Tepe, there have been small hunter-gatherer settlements near to the hillside. Wheat would eventual evolve a stronger bond between plant and seed. This evolutionary development would mean very little to a wild plant. But for the wandering humans, it was perfect for harvesting, storing and eventually planting wheat where ever they could sew the seeds. The advent of farming would kill the religion of the foraging homo sapiens and birth new religions for the new ways.

The hill top temple became less attractive to the people who inherited the farm as opposed to those who inherited a fully wild world. Once farming became the norm temples where built closer to the settlements and not set on a cycle of build, bury and rebuild. Once, multiple settlements consisting of a couple dozen individuals each used one temple for an entire area. Now, the gods came down from the hills. And wilds to the human settlements.

The following is one hundred percent conjecture for the purpose of speculation and contemplation. A split in mentality happened. Those who saw the gods as being one with humanity and those who saw them separate from humanity. Those who wished to continue the old ways, and those who saw the value of change. Why should we have to plough the field, sew the seeds, tend the garden and animals, then bury and rebuilt temples on top of all that. Where the first blazers of the Left Hand Path the people who wanted a more personalized connection with the gods? No real way to know, but one thing you can be sure of, spirituality is an evolutionary part of being human.

Sanitizing History

By Lisa Corrine, Co-founder The Sect of the Horned


Let’s lower the cultural bar down yet another notch and blow our bubbles of hope to a shiny clean and collectively cramped future while whitewashing the past.  Let’s ensure that future generations are ignorant of historical context and conflict, evolving laws, conquests and sorrows. Let’s bind their eyes, ears and voice from sight, sound and questions of how and why.

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

History doesn’t disappear despite how hard you try to force it within the coloring book lines even though the Mandela ones are still very pretty. It’s like chaining your demon to the root cellar wall and ignoring their cries. The interpretation of past events in the (dimming) light of a contemporary perspective, Presentism, is the ballad of the ignorant and bleat of the weak, a soap box to stand on where no arrows are thrown. A safe, brave, and courageous position, no doubt, yet you cried for compassion when your garden flowers died.

It’s a presumptuous position of turnabout bias.

Lesser is More in Magic



By Rasha, Member of The Sect of the Horned God

Never let them see you coming.

The wolf eats the sheep and shaves its hide with his rigged teeth, carved only by feeding throughout the years, and then he waits for the flock to return so he may join them, covered with the familiar cloth they know to be their own. And the wolf walks with them for a time. He licks them, shows them affection, for a time. Becomes one of them. Until the hunger returns. Following instinct and will, upon the Shepard’s folly, the beast makes them all his prey with gratitude in nature. Upon a hill, overlooking the slaughter, the goat watches with delight, as he has more grass for himself to eat now that the flock has fallen to the wolf’s ruthless attrition.

Most people can only see skin deep, and much like the flock, the skin which best resembles their own puts them more at ease. The word “skin” here is not necessarily a metaphor for race, but for behaviors, style of dress, social norms, and generally anything “herdish.” Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power references using something called the mirror effect:

Law 44: Disarm and Infuriate with the Mirror Effect

The mirror reflects reality, but it is also the perfect tool for deception: When you mirror your enemies, doing exactly as they do, they cannot figure out your strategy. The Mirror Effect mocks and humiliates them, making them overreact. By holding up a mirror to their psyches, you seduce them with the illusion that you share their values; by holding up a mirror to their actions, you teach them a lesson. Few can resist the power of the Mirror Effect.

Most people have weak egos. Accordingly, compliments can be used not only to disarm them, but act as the hypodermic needle to open their minds in ways which allow you to disseminate thoughts and ideas, which you will later allow them to claim as their own. For if your ego is healthy and strong, you need not take the credit, nor do you need the outer recognition from a sheepish herd, for having your will implemented is satisfying enough. As much as I’d love to use vinegar, the honey stick works best in most cases. Sometimes I’ll give someone a great idea and let them take credit for it. In the end, I don’t get the credit, but I get my way. And they take the fall if something goes wrong. Depending on your objective, this can also be used to “lend them enough rope to hang themselves.”

In my observances over the years, I’ve met too many so-called Satanists who describe themselves as the “lions of the jungle,” attempting to display their dominance in the most pathetic ways, while in reality, like most of us, they find themselves closer to the bottom of the North American socio-economic structure.

One of these people I will call Ginger. I met Ginger when part of a left-hand-path group around a decade ago. I argued that it’s best to act as the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” in society, as it is more of a Machiavellian approach—despite Machiavellian philosophy repeatedly being taken out of context—while he argued that he was the “lion of the jungle,” conquering all. In reality, he was a high school dropout in his 30s living in his mother’s basement and working a dead end job for minimum wage with no benefits. Hardly king of the jungle. Maybe, having little power in reality served as the vehicle to his delusion.

Speaking from my own experiences, being the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” makes practicing lesser magic much more effective. Although I’d prefer to dress in a manner which resembles the grotesque, I know that to accomplish certain things, it’s more important for me to “blend in.” This is especially true working in my profession. I often look like any other business man or church-goer, something the so-called “lions of the jungle” cannot begin to fathom, for they must wear their black, demonic attire at all times and without compromise.

It may be a hard pill for some folks to swallow, being on the path toward self-deification, that powers greater than themselves do in fact exist. What I also find problematic in CoS literature is when representatives credit the real socio-economic elite powers as “de facto Satanists,” which, I’d argue, is the same kind of circular logic used by Christians when describing “God’s Will.”

A true understanding of how power structures work in the world may open the doors to the practice of a lesser magic that works. Satanists aren’t normally accustomed to exhibiting humility. However, if one is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and facts, one must position their ego accordingly. Nevertheless, these Satanists will often argue a point, even if they know they are wrong, because either they are too insecure to admit they were incorrect, or somehow think they need to be the “adversary,” which often ends up being played out in the most counter-productive ways. I think one of the LaVeyan “Satanic Sins” deserves revisiting in this case:


Empty posturing can be most irritating and isn’t applying the cardinal rules of Lesser Magic. On equal footing with stupidity for what keeps the money in circulation these days. Everyone’s made to feel like a big shot, whether they can come up with the goods or not.

Humbling oneself to knowledge and evidence is something the right-hand-path religions are either unable to do, will not do, or can not do. Conformity to one or more popular ideologies can also stand as a barrier to critical thinking, serving as the underlying bias which shows not only a lack of intellectual perseverance, but also interferes with personal growth. LaVey writes:

Herd Conformity
That’s obvious from a Satanic stance. It’s all right to conform to a person’s wishes, if it ultimately benefits you. But only fools follow along with the herd, letting an impersonal entity dictate to you. The key is to choose a master wisely instead of being enslaved by the whims of the many.

If one’s comfort zone is not challenged, and those we surround ourselveswith resemble no more than a superfluous echo chamber, the ability to think independently is squandered. I’d argue, many who subscribe to the “Satanic credo” are just as hypnotized by the dominant ideologies permeating throughout Western culture as those who call themselves Christians, all the while remaining one with the sleeping masses, and failing to observe how the concept of “individualism” is in fact highly manipulative, fostering a sense of entitlement in some, and collective blindness in many. Most people among the mass think they are individuals.

Never let them see you coming.


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