Rights vs entitlement

By Dimitri

“An opinion is like an asshole. Everyone has one.”

Like any other mundane human being, I’m quite keen on having a variety of choices. I’m also quite keen on my freedom of expression and being. I have rights! I have possibilities! Pretty dandy if I say so myself.

But there’s a modern day cancer growing. A cancer caused by the public lack of differentiation between “entitlement” and “rights”.
“To have a right” implies you’ve got a choice. An option to indulge and/or follow a specific road. It’s cool.

Entitlement on the other hand implies that you are inherently deserving of a certain treatment or privileges. Now that shifts the scale quite a bit.

The difference here is this. A “Right” will indicate that you have the choice and are possibly deserving of a specific treatment, aspect or consumable. Entitlement is the demand of follow-up. Sounds highly logical no?

Up to a certain extend: yes. The growing cancer in modern-day attitude is the awareness of ones right and the incessant entitlement to everything in accordance with personal value.
Still sounds logical? Good, it implies you understood and embrace the basic Satanic principles of “will” and “individuality”.

Where’s the problem? Scope and situational idiocy. Everyone is entitled and has the right to their opinion. However, if you are going to enforce your right of free speech and proclaim loudly your entitled opinion of “Build a wall to disallow those lazy Latinos entrance” in a Mexican pub in hands of a Mexican cartel… you’ll be shanked to death before another racial stereotype empties an entire bucket of KFC-wings.

It illustrates that you have the Right to do things and are entitled to them. It is, however, your own responsibility for the possible fall-back. As such, we make a full circle and end up with a quite important part of the 6th Satanic Statement: “Responsibility to the responsible”.

You have your rights and are entitled to them. It is easy to own-up to them. The modern day cancer is the lack of the second, and most important, part which implies owning-up (or taking responsibility) for the possible fall-back of practicing your rights.

The world cannot be bothered by your personal crusades. It will even retaliate (even quite severely) if your lack of responsibility and incessant entitlement is against other special interests.

Go out and practice your freedom and rights…IF you are able to cope with possible retaliation and IF you can handle freedom (which is something VERY FEW can).

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