Jumping ship

By Dimitri

Opportunity is something which needs working.
It is something that relies on chance and skill.
Opportunity is rarely, but mostly never, thrown in your lap.
It is something which needs a keen eye, resilient character and good assessment.
Even then, it is possible to fail. Not to worry, failure happens all the time with anyone.

Opportunity also implies to be able to go against established order.
To go against habit. To break habit and reach out.
You’ll have to jump ship.

Sounds easy? Think again! We’re talking about breaking rhythm of lifestyle.
Habits that became so engrained you no longer see them as a habit but merely a choice, a part of life.
Anyone who once went on withdrawal or diet has had such an experience.
To notice how a small regular thing became such a burden due to habit.

That is life. People tend to get settled in their ways. It’s fine but so much more can be attained.
You’ve got a house, a car, a loving wife? Good for you. Is it a reason to stop there?
It might be a good reason but life can become dull. A life without strife is a life not lived.
You can have a bigger house and a bigger car. Work on it. Do not be settled with what you have.

Create your opportunities. Work on yourself and work on what you do.
Own-up! Not content with how things are? You can either swallow the pill or create the opportunity
to jump ship. Sure, it is hard, but things can be worked out eventually.

The Satanic thrives on self-betterment. To become the better man.
Anything within the LHP has this becoming at its core. The Aghori have it, Luciferians have it and the Setians.
Even the Sect, as an educational foundation, embraces this core.
It is the reason why there are the different orders. Those are not established to differentiate and pet ones ego.
They have been established as to become more endowed in the arts. To become the better man.

You’ll have to reach out and dare to touch the proverbial monolith.
No one ever attained greatness by standing idly by.
Even pornstars need to be fucked to earn their pay and fame.
All of them multiple times in different ways.
Be glad you only get fucked in the proverbial sense.
It implies you can still stand-up or sit down to ponder on how to keep, or get shit, together.

Remember the story of Lilith.
The vilified woman within Abrahamic religion.
One of the very few feminine Satanic figures.
The first woman to say fuck-it and literally jumped ship towards a life more fulfilling.

Remember the fall of Lucifer.
The angel who fell and became Satan.
A masculine figure who jumped ship and went against god.
A man who choose to go against established order to bring some strife in the world.
The figure who enabled humanity to increase their potential in spite of the established order.

Jumping ship isn’t easy and certainly not without risk.
The swing from one ship to another will always provide the adrenaline to keep on going.
It is sane to fear the jump. It is insane to not try.
Especially when the ship is sinking.

The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

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