Sanitizing History

By Lisa Corrine, Co-founder The Sect of the Horned


Let’s lower the cultural bar down yet another notch and blow our bubbles of hope to a shiny clean and collectively cramped future while whitewashing the past.  Let’s ensure that future generations are ignorant of historical context and conflict, evolving laws, conquests and sorrows. Let’s bind their eyes, ears and voice from sight, sound and questions of how and why.

Monkey See, Monkey Do.

History doesn’t disappear despite how hard you try to force it within the coloring book lines even though the Mandela ones are still very pretty. It’s like chaining your demon to the root cellar wall and ignoring their cries. The interpretation of past events in the (dimming) light of a contemporary perspective, Presentism, is the ballad of the ignorant and bleat of the weak, a soap box to stand on where no arrows are thrown. A safe, brave, and courageous position, no doubt, yet you cried for compassion when your garden flowers died.

It’s a presumptuous position of turnabout bias.

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