Non-compliance, holistic growth.


Things happen whether it is liked or not.
It can be daily seen and experienced.
The taxes you’ll have to pay, the climate change, non-belief in a spheric earth, evolution, etc..

Diverging opinions and clashing ideas is the natural state of things. It is only through challenge that things grow, develop and thrive. This is a principal in Evolution and the one consistent theme found in all fields that can be thought of.

Gather a group of men with a shared mindset and the result will be mediocre. Create some competition and you’ll get excellent results. Why? Because conflict gives rise to challenge. When people challenge each other they will give their all to outshine the other in the unforgiving quest to one-up. The end-result will be an amalgamation of sub-results tweaked and perfected to the best of those mens capabilities. The result will be better than the sum of its parts.

In this day and age where it seems you are being forced to walk in line with the masses by fear of being shunned, non-compliance is the enema most needed. It will be surprising to learn how few actually agree with, or want to walk the narrative, laid out by media and politics. That little awkward voice ignored might just be right. Something is awry.

It is a recurring theme in history where people who follow a leader that does exactly what its people demands (or tries to form the basis for amends in the future) is one that gives rise to stagnation and mediocrity. The leaders who did as they saw fit, and within their power, create a more natural state of affairs. They push their people into a state of creativity and non-compliance. They inspire others to take a step-out and challenge their impositions. People, en masse, will and are challenged to invoke their a-game. This results in movements, actions and gatherings which need to be of high-quality if they want to endure and break the imposed change.

The results of this can be seen in the current state of world.
A leader has stood up which changed the game on global scale. Never before has there been so much congregation and rising to the challenge that, as a matter of fact, the entire success is now built on the endeavors of its own people. The people are making their hands dirty to challenge a perceived wrong. It is no wonder there’s a sudden economic boom. There is no need to be amazed about the sudden progression being made where it concerns science, technology and education. There is non-compliance and people who are actively proving themselves to be better.

This is the natural and most healthy state of affairs.

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The Order of Pan
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