New year, new me? HELL NO

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The year has passed.
Stomaches filled to the brim with food.
Gifts unwrapped.
Gained a little weight.. not too bad I will renew my gym membership.

Renew membership? You mean pay your fee right?
You mean it expired? You didn’t use it?

You hubris of a human!
Fucking munchkin!
New year new me?
Bloody idiot!

Do you even understand what it means to be a man?
Do you understand the meaning of self-respect?
Do you even understand the meaning of “being your own god”?

Let me explain it loud and clearly.
YOU are a human pile of waste.
If you want something you get to it.
You earn, scramble, train and become involved as soon as it sparks.

Stop postponing shit.
You, at least, wasted a month with doing nothing.
Life doesn’t live itself.
You got to get out and about.
Constantly work and improve yourself.

If you say “this year will be better”, you already failed.
It must have been “this year is getting better”.
Or something in the likes.
The essence is this: don’t stop.

Happy fucking New Year.
Now get to work!

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