Psychic Vampires: Blood In, Blood Out

By JB ~ Member of The Sect of the Horned God

We live in a society where entitlement abounds.  In the realm of a true Satanist, pride will overcome sloth, but not so with a large chunk of the population.

A whole generation of people have been raised believing they have a right to be taken care of by friends, family, and government. Kids used to be out of the house off to college or the military when they were 18.  Now they are living with their parents in their 30’s.
Psychic vampirism has become an art form.  Some people, known as codependent martyrs, actually derive pleasure from spending every waking moment helping these people because it helps them temporarily cope with a severe lack of self-esteem. They intentionally surround themselves with the company of weak or infirm people so when these people need help, they are there to swoop in and rescue them.
I am not saying that you shouldn’t help a friend or family member in time of crisis to get back on their feet or help the less fortunate, but remember what Lavey says in TSB: “What am I getting in return.”  Has this person helped you in the past? Are you going to get a tax write-off if you donate to this charity or is this charity funding research for the cure of a disease that you or a loved one suffered from?
You also, most importantly, have to determine whether helping that person is in fact helping them, or enabling their vampiric proclivities.  When your son moved back in with you after he lost his job, did he immediately start looking for work, or is he loafing around the house resentful, basking in the victim mentality, saying that “there’s just nothing out there.”  Chances are, unless we are in another great depression, there IS something out there, perhaps not what he feels he deserves, and a timeline needs to be put on his stay.
We all have known someone in our lives who can’t keep a job because they buck authority due to the fact that they are treated so unfairly and the employer doesn’t give a damn about the employees. While hostile work environments do exist, some people’s definition is VERY liberal and hypocritical self-deceit has enabled these people to believe that no one knows how to run the company better than they do, and the entire corporate world should revolve around them.
What about the old lady next door that is constantly calling you to help her to the bathroom, to get off of the floor because she fell, asking you to pick up her medicine, get her mail, etc, ad nauseam.  You may feel guilty about telling her she needs to think about selling her house and moving into a retirement community, but you are going to feel very guilty when she falls, strikes her head and dies after lying on the floor in agony for 6 hours because she couldn’t get to a phone.
The most egregious form of vampirism is the addict that feeds off of his wife who enables him by supporting him financially, taking his verbal and physical abuse, turning a blind eye to blatant infidelity, all because divorcing him is frowned upon by the church.
Satanism states indulgence…not abstinence.  There is nothing wrong with indulging in a little charity but don’t let in turn into a compulsion to the point of becoming a codependent martyr for a psychic vampire to feed off of.
In regards to being a martyr, as the old saying goes: “Get off the cross! We need the wood!”


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