Angra Mainyu Rises

In the Luciferian Yatuk Dinioh tradition of which I come from, today, March 21st, is said to be the day when Angra Mainyu aka Ahriman rose into the world in order to smite his brother’s creation. Today, it is my custom to hold observance of his act of transgression and to celebrate the adversity which brings creativity and evolution. I offer this short poem as part of the creative essence I feel when channeling Ahriman. It is unlike any of my other poems which in turn honors the evolution he perpetuates. May any who find the sparks of the Black Flame within these words grow in personal strength and individuated Will!

Risen, oh great Ahriman hath risen!
He who hath ripped open his birthing womb with talon and claw!
He who attacks the good creation with his vengeance!
In the name of Ahriman does my soul rise as he!
May the wolf, toad, scorpion and serpent rejoice under their father's wings!
May the bloodied spear feed his eternal hunger for the flesh of prey!
I speak my will to smite the pious and meak with virus and venom!
I act with the intent of evolution through the adversity Angra Mainyu brought into the world!
I shall become the wrathful spirit and I shall rise into creation from the sea, attacking the sky and penetrate the Earth!
I shall elevate the mother of demons and daevas, the queen of whores, to her divine cosmic throne and sit by her side!
I feed the black serpents Domar and Dehak which sprout forth from the kiss of Ahriman from my shoulders!
I work my isolated Will through my sorcery which Ahriman has taught to his children!
Oh great Ahriman, I invoke thy spirit and I evoke thy power!
Ba nam i Ahriman!
Hail thyself!
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