Esoteric Thought and Satanism

by Lycan Satanis

Anton Szandor LaVey had a great deal of influence in my life in recent years. The esoteric history of The Satanic Bible, though created before my existence, held similar beliefs in my own life before becoming satanic.
This discovery heightened my awareness of who I was truly seeking.

While searching for Satan I found Anton LaVey, and in turn, found my true carnal self.
Similar to Mr. LaVey, I was also asking the same questions he probably asked himself while creating the Church of Satan. Although the questions I asked were regarding my personal life. It also encompassed the existence of our species. The questions I pondered were along the lines of ” If God is so good why does he allow all these bad things to happen?” My relation to Mr. LaVey was life changing to say the least.

While immersed in The Satanic Bible for the first time I was shocked at how much I felt like this was my calling. Esoteric history and thought was alien to me. Witchcraft was something I never attempted to do before. Satanic thought is my foundation. I have always felt the darkness and never understood it until I was introduced to The Satanic Bible. It truly saved my life.
Furthermore, esoteric thought and history was definitely here before my time on this earth. The creation of The Church of Satan allowed our diatribe to be seen. My voice was not alone in this world. Influence happens all the time when we are not aware. To be influenced by Satanism is truly a blessing in my eyes. Many times humans fall off the rails in life and are desperately seeking purpose. I found my purpose in Satan.

The left hand path has influenced countless amounts of people who live with the same esoteric ideas as I do today. Satan has shown me the way of my self. All esoteric thought derives from him whether you believe he is a real being or not. Most humans that rebel against authority are deeply influenced by Satan. Our government and many other institutions are waving the L.H.P.flag and are not even aware of it. The ones who realize they are being influenced by esoteric thoughts are the ones more attuned to a higher elevated way of thinking. I stand apart from traditional ways of thinking. Satanism stands alone when it comes to esoteric beliefs for the initiated.
In conclusion, my view on esoteric history and personal influences has made me a better person today. The values and honor instilled in me through determination and hard work have allowed me to have an optimistic vision towards the left hand path. I see great things happening for the future of esoteric thought and practices. Although I am influenced by other people of esoteric thought. Anton LaVey was the first to introduce this way of life to me. Being able to relate to all his teaching has made me more appreciative of my life.

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