Personal Ritual

pagan rittual

By Anton Wolf, Sect of the Horned God

Ritual is important. After all, it is a personal thing. It is a hard thing to compare with others and their own experience. Ritual takes me out of the light, lets me examine what matters and what doesn’t matter. It is a chance to make life better. You may come to the conclusion that with all the mental noise and exterior forces, that focusing is difficult. Ritual leads the way, it is aligning all the forces in one, even if there is an internal conflict between them, and sets them towards the same goal in life. This might sound fancy, but it is actually quit hard to make time for this and learn to focus. But it can certainly help you move on in your life. After all it is you who live it



By Joshua S. Poulin, Sect of the Horned God

There is something I wish to state, and it will be something that many of you will not agree with, but that is of no consequence to the truth of my words.

With me, what you see is what you get. My name on Facebook is my actual birth-name, the pictures of the little girl on my personal page are of my real daughter, Keagan; those of the Lady, my real wife of over 13 years, Lindsay; those of the dog, of my dog Zander; those of my travels are of a few places I have been to and seen with my own eyes. I am what I say I am, and have done that which I say I have done. I need no validation of these things, and no approval for my Path in life.
I have been a Walker of my own LHP for almost 20 years now, and before joining the Sect, had no group affiliations since 1998, when I left the CoS. In all ways and fashions, much of the LHP community makes me sick. I repeat this to make the point….it makes me sick. It has become vile and weak. Most are charlatans, fakes, phonies with no balls or legs to stand on. I have found there to be a disturbing number of individuals who think hiding behind made-up names (albeit I understand there are a few situations where they are necessary), sock accounts on the ‘net, dancing around (twirly, twirly, twirly), and theorizing about mysticism and the unseen and unknown, and only being critical of the Children of Abraham (as opposed to ALL beliefs that are considered “concrete”) is acceptable to someone who seeks true knowledge, true power. Well, my friends, you may as well play some old school D+D, because these “ways” are about as “real” as a role-playing game.
I am tired of the phoney bullshit that is rife throughout philosophy and “religion”. I am not perfect, by far, but I will tell you this: I strive daily to put into action my wishes, my desires, my Will. I manifest these things not in a subtle, off-handed, or obscure fashion. They are real and quantifiable.
All this cock-mockery aside, I ask a simple question of you, my brothers and sisters, my compatriots of Truth: Who are you? What are you?
The Sect of the Horned God has great potential within it, but we will only realize this potential at a cost (as anything, anything worth shit in life comes at a cost). This cost is different for each of us, yet the same in tone… is the cost of Truth.
We have NO room to criticize anyone for anything, unless we are BETTER than them. I cannot, for example, claim superiority to the X-tians if my behavior is just as incorrect. That would be hypocrisy. So BE better! I challenge all of you…. what is it that you are doing right here, right now, to better yourself? How are your ideals better than those you criticize? Examine yourself with a laser focus, without the stumbling blocks that ego and false pride can put in front of you. Be as hard, if not harder, on yourself as you are on others. This IS the only way. You are not inherently better than anyone else unless you prove it. Be REAL, or fall into the same trap of hypocrisy that you criticize and hate.
Take this as you will….an admonishment, a warning, a gentle reminder from one who does truly care for the future of all who read this…..but think on it. These are somewhat harsh words, but they may be required for some to wake up and take a hard look at themselves. Know this, they are from a stance of genuine fidelity to this group, and to all Walkers of their own LHPs.
Now, I understand that these words can seem hypocritical, and in some fashion, are. I do not live up to my own daily potential every single day. I have my failings, my weaknesses. The key is that I do everything I can to improve them, and I wish to see equal vigor in the pursuits that others undertake. All of you can become more…..I see your vast potential. Together, or as individuals, we can set a new standard of being. Do you have the Will to make it so?

One last thing….(in my best cartman) ….I love you guys…but ultimately, YOU have the onus of validation for what you claim to be. Something to ponder.

Atheistic Nothingness

evil 1

By Mistress-Babylon Consort

“To the consternation of many of my fellow atheists, I often argue that the concept of “atheism” is unnecessary and misleading. Nearly everyone rejects Zeus, Thor, Isis, along with the countless other dead gods of antiquity, and yet no one feels the need to name this condition of unbelief. And so it is with every other species of bad idea: we don’t dub ourselves “non-astrologers,” “non-homeopaths,” and the like, and we need not define ourselves as “atheists” (or “secularists,” “rationalists,” “skeptics,” “humanists,” etc.) to disavow the false certainties of mainstream religion.” -Sam Harris

What do you think? I have to agree. There is no ‘real need’ to describe yourself as an Atheist for the very reasons just as Mr. Harris has suggested, but at the same time, entrenched in a society that labels ‘non-meat lunch meat’ as lunch meat, there is a social and interactive ease provided by the instant assimilation a label begs, whether negative or positive. Depending on the situation and who is asking, I will either admit I am an Atheist Satanist, one or the other, or say nothing at all . Attaching Satanism to my Atheistic label adds the color and texture of the wonderful and wild existence I choose as my life, based on the philosophy, mythology and ritual I incorporate into it. It does tend to confuse people at times, but I see it as a social short cut and a quick fix to escape any over-extended cocktail party when the need for morbid fascination, Servants of Satan style, exceedes thoughtful and intelligent query. There is a time and place for everything, and the need to move in my community with an ease that best suits my life and purpose is generally the marker, and indeed, is simply a situational acknowledgement to labels. Or not.

Own It

By Mistress-Babylon Consort

The ‘joy’, and I use that word somewhat loosely, of being on Facebook is the numerous times that any one of us is added to a group, unasked. Not a big deal really, as some are very good, but it is usually a Satanic theist (Rebellious Christians) group that I suddenly find myself in. They are good for a giggle of course. Smoke and mirrors and a lot of mindless ‘Hail Satan’s at the drop of a hat. Threads usually go something like this:

High Priestess of the Thin Air Becky: Our Father, the Dark Infernal Lord spoke to me last night!
Brandy: HailZZZ 666!!!
Evilspawn: wuz up
Elvis: Hey
Evilspawn: HAILZ Elvis wuz up

(repeat ad-nauseum)

This same scenerio repeated itself the other evening when I was added to yet another one of these unintelligiable cesspools. Though there were several hundred members, it was not much different from the above ‘conversation and as the latest addition, my inclusion was just padding the numbers. The owner of the group informed me that although anybody can add a person, he was the one that had to approve the membership. When asked how I got into the group, he said had no control over that. Excuse me? But you had just…nevermind. It went downhill from there.

What was brought to mind later, though, was the idea of personal responsibility, or lack of it, in a far bigger picture. I personally like being in control of my decisions despite the fact that they may not have always been the best ones. I own it. What’s so hard about that? Of course I don’t feel angry, or hard done by when added to any of these groups. There are bigger things to worry about. Groups such as these, and the individuals in them are more of a side show curiosity, as the very things they seem to hate they become, while remaining the same with a twist on the familiar stagnation and dogma they are trying to run from. Faith.

Good thing I am my own god.

The Path


By Thomas LeRoy, Founder of the Sect of the Horned God

With the three Abrahamic faiths, the Right-Hand Path is not a “path”, but a final destination. They followed a “light” generated by someone else to reach that place of collective bliss where the idividual self is destroyed. We that travel the Left-Hand Path, though, are individuals ever searching. We are aware of the fact that we may never reach the end of or path. We will, more likely than not, be walking it for the rest of our lives, ever questioning, learning, growing. We also create our own light, allowing us to travel in the dark, instead of waiting for that guiding light. We not only keep our eyes on the road ahead, but we are also aware of our surroundings, ever ready to decry those false ethics and stifiling morals that may bar our path.
My personal angle of the LHP philosophy is that of the Epicurean. I can only rely on what my five senses tell me, meaning that the supernatural is simply a creation of the imagination. Angels, demons, gods and monsters need to be seen, heard, touched, smelled and, maybe, tasted before I will accept them as fact. A want, or need, in my heart for these things to be true is not enough for me. No matter what the romantics may tell you, truth is not found in the heart, but in the mind. For the heart hungers to believe, but the mind wants to know. Also the reason I am such a hard-core truth seeker is because gullibility is not a worthy LHP attribute. It will set you back by causing you to take misleading detours.
Not many on the left-hand path have companions. More often than not it’s a solitary journey. In my case, however, others have accompanied me. We call this group the “Sect of the Horned God”, the Horned God symbolizing what is of the natural world. Man as animal. Carnal. We in the Sect travel together out of an innate solidarity, not because of fear-based dogmas. We are not sheep in a flock. We, instead, are individuals that encourage one another to keep moving forawrd. We are aware that this is not done for altruistic reasons, but because having others to learn from, lean upon, makes the individual’s path easier. –TL

The “S” Word

By Thomas LeRoy, Founder of the Sect of the Horned God.

Since the beginning of time, there have been disparaging words for every kind of person there is. Most ethnic groups, from the Native-American, Irish, African-American, Asian and so on, have had that word, or words, used as a put down. An example would be the “N” word for our black brothers and sisters. Or “faggot” for our gay friends. There’s “dyke” for lesbians. It’s endless. My own beautiful wife, Mistress Babylon, is Romany (no, not Romanian!), but they are better known as that derogatory name created in the Middle-Ages by those who thought they were from Egypt: the Gypsies.
Now, there is a minority out there, a rather small group, that have their own “word”. You may have encountered these people, or may be one yourself. They tend to be a bit misanthropic, very individualistic, seem to gravitate toward the “dark-side” of life, and would rather devour the herd than join it! They live their lives on their own terms and are willing to suffer the consequences for their actions. They tend not to believe in a “Higher Power”, instead believing in themselves, nor are they afraid to suffer the wrath of any (imaginary) God, or Gods.
These rebels have been around since time in memorium. They have played a part in world history. They were those independent spirits that were burned at the stake for not following by the rules of the Church. They sparked the fuse of the Enlightenment, and have had such names as Voltaire, Ben Franklin, Nietzsche and even Mark Twain. But it wasn’t until the 1960’s that Anton Lavey took that word and decided to own it!
And what is that word? I think you know by now.
It’s Satanist!
Just as other groups have owned their “word” and defuse its power, Anton did it, but the outcome was a bit different. He held up a mirror called the Satanic Bible, and if you saw your reflection in it, you knew what you were. A Satanist! That word, though, in some ways, alienates our kind even more when we admit what we are. It scares most people. But, in truth, this plays into our hands. We don’t want the herd to accept us. We don’t want to relate to their inane, mind-numbing, ripe with bovine fecal-matter, mentality. It is a good word, a strong word! It cuts through the crap and gets to the heart. It empowers!
So use that word, my friends, if that’s who you are. Be proud. Fuck with the sheep out there. Make them fear you. You are are the wolf.
And who are they?
They’re just wool and mutton!
My “Satanists” friends, wear it with pride.

New Years Eve

new year

By Mistress-Babylon Consort

Ahh…New Years Eve. A date picked out of a hat that entails silly cocktail dresses and boozy kisses from drooly lips unknown. There was a reason I use to escape to the first empty restroom stall when at the local watering hole to avoid such encounters. Is it over yet? Too many years have elapsed since the meaning of this particular night lost its relevance. The Samhain turn of the season remains my marker of a turning year, a beginning and an end, and thus remains most logical in my own intpretation of universal cycles.

The Disease of Faith

By Joshua S. Poulin

Faith is a disease, a symptom of a lack of real self-confidence and self-knowledge. ANY time we look to an outside source for approval, permission, validation, quantification, condemnation, punishment, judgement, guidance, heaven, hell….we fall into a trap of the mind. None of it exists outside of your own mind.


By Thomas LeRoy, Founder of the Sect of the Horned God

“Myths are the dreams and poetry of humankind.

God and demons are aspects of who we are,

They are metaphors of our character.

Ritual allows us to dance to the song of myth, the poetry of the Gods.

Satan is poetry.”

It is believed by some that reverence for a ‘Horned God’ dates back to the Paleolithic and from then until the present He has had numerous titles and manifestations. His consort, known to us as the ‘Goddess’, also has many names, more than can be mentioned here. Besides representing the earth, Neo-Pagans see Her as the ‘Holiest of Holies’ while the Horned God has been relegated to the position of Her ‘boy toy’. The feminized Wiccans have a warped understanding of the Horned God. They may claim to revere Him, but most would rather He just go away so they can continue to believe in a world filled with ‘white-light’ and fairies. Now as most thinking people are aware of, all gods are metaphors for different aspects of the human character. If you are drawn to the ethereal, spiritual, along with fluffy bunnies, rainbows and being a part of the herd, then maybe the Goddess is for you. Grab your tied-dyed moo-moo and bongos and join Her, She’s waiting. But if you are grounded in reality, can think for yourself, have an independent spirit, have an affinity for what some may call the ‘darker side’ of life and would rather devour the herd than join it, then the Horned God is your man! You are a person that realizes that the world is not a pretty place and if you want to get anywhere in life you have to charge ahead, horns forward!

Besides playing the ‘matter/spirit’ aspects, the two deities also represent the ‘dark/light’ duality in the human psyche. Because of this we can’t fully ignore the Goddess. She’s that side that comes out when we make funny faces while tickling a baby. She’s also present when we let that little old lady get on the bus before us. But do not let us confuse the Goddess for altruism. We allow the Goddess to come out because it feels good. If it didn’t, we probably won’t do these things. But one should be careful as to the lengths they indulge in this side of their nature. Going too far does no one any good. It makes one weak, vulnerable, and filled with self-pity. So remember: Keep the bitch in check!

Since we in the Sect of the Horned God acknowledge we have a bit of that side, we have decided to call upon the Goddess in our opening ceremonies. And because we live in Western Society, both the Horned God and the Goddess are refered to in or ‘Calling of the Quarters’ by what we see as their most appropriate historical manifestions.

We start in Greece, cradle of Western Civilization, then move to the Celtic world ( whose religion the Wiccans stole!), then to the Roman and finally the Middle Ages (were the mentality of most Christians still thrives). This final quater is without question the most controversial because we call upon the Virgin Mary as the manifestation of the Goddess!

‘Virgin Mary? What the fuck . . . ? exclaims the person ignorant in history, little realizing that that is what the early Roman Christians renamed the Goddess. And the Horned God? It’s pretty obvious what they called Him, and still do to this day. Why did they give the Horned God the name of the supreme bad guy in their mythos? Because they hate what He represents. He represents power, lust, carnality, death and knowledge. He is the free-thinking individualist ready to live life on His own terms. He is our animal side, that aspect that keeps us tied down to the natural world, a world of matter instead of the spiritual. He is the antithesis of all that the Christians see as holy. And for their belief system to survive and for there to be calm within the herd, those traits of the human character have to be subdued. But the old time Christians weren’t stupid. They knew that the Horned God was a large part of what a human being is. By telling people that who they are at their core is evil, and you need to kiss the ass of Jesus to be free of that evil, they created an outstanding way of controling the masses.

But no matter what you believe, no matter what your faith, you can never, ever be completely free of the clutches of the Horned God.

Of Satan!

The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysis
The Order of Shiva