Atheistic Nothingness

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By Mistress-Babylon Consort

“To the consternation of many of my fellow atheists, I often argue that the concept of “atheism” is unnecessary and misleading. Nearly everyone rejects Zeus, Thor, Isis, along with the countless other dead gods of antiquity, and yet no one feels the need to name this condition of unbelief. And so it is with every other species of bad idea: we don’t dub ourselves “non-astrologers,” “non-homeopaths,” and the like, and we need not define ourselves as “atheists” (or “secularists,” “rationalists,” “skeptics,” “humanists,” etc.) to disavow the false certainties of mainstream religion.” -Sam Harris

What do you think? I have to agree. There is no ‘real need’ to describe yourself as an Atheist for the very reasons just as Mr. Harris has suggested, but at the same time, entrenched in a society that labels ‘non-meat lunch meat’ as lunch meat, there is a social and interactive ease provided by the instant assimilation a label begs, whether negative or positive. Depending on the situation and who is asking, I will either admit I am an Atheist Satanist, one or the other, or say nothing at all . Attaching Satanism to my Atheistic label adds the color and texture of the wonderful and wild existence I choose as my life, based on the philosophy, mythology and ritual I incorporate into it. It does tend to confuse people at times, but I see it as a social short cut and a quick fix to escape any over-extended cocktail party when the need for morbid fascination, Servants of Satan style, exceedes thoughtful and intelligent query. There is a time and place for everything, and the need to move in my community with an ease that best suits my life and purpose is generally the marker, and indeed, is simply a situational acknowledgement to labels. Or not.

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