By Thomas LeRoy, Founder of the Sect of the Horned God

“Myths are the dreams and poetry of humankind.

God and demons are aspects of who we are,

They are metaphors of our character.

Ritual allows us to dance to the song of myth, the poetry of the Gods.

Satan is poetry.”

It is believed by some that reverence for a ‘Horned God’ dates back to the Paleolithic and from then until the present He has had numerous titles and manifestations. His consort, known to us as the ‘Goddess’, also has many names, more than can be mentioned here. Besides representing the earth, Neo-Pagans see Her as the ‘Holiest of Holies’ while the Horned God has been relegated to the position of Her ‘boy toy’. The feminized Wiccans have a warped understanding of the Horned God. They may claim to revere Him, but most would rather He just go away so they can continue to believe in a world filled with ‘white-light’ and fairies. Now as most thinking people are aware of, all gods are metaphors for different aspects of the human character. If you are drawn to the ethereal, spiritual, along with fluffy bunnies, rainbows and being a part of the herd, then maybe the Goddess is for you. Grab your tied-dyed moo-moo and bongos and join Her, She’s waiting. But if you are grounded in reality, can think for yourself, have an independent spirit, have an affinity for what some may call the ‘darker side’ of life and would rather devour the herd than join it, then the Horned God is your man! You are a person that realizes that the world is not a pretty place and if you want to get anywhere in life you have to charge ahead, horns forward!

Besides playing the ‘matter/spirit’ aspects, the two deities also represent the ‘dark/light’ duality in the human psyche. Because of this we can’t fully ignore the Goddess. She’s that side that comes out when we make funny faces while tickling a baby. She’s also present when we let that little old lady get on the bus before us. But do not let us confuse the Goddess for altruism. We allow the Goddess to come out because it feels good. If it didn’t, we probably won’t do these things. But one should be careful as to the lengths they indulge in this side of their nature. Going too far does no one any good. It makes one weak, vulnerable, and filled with self-pity. So remember: Keep the bitch in check!

Since we in the Sect of the Horned God acknowledge we have a bit of that side, we have decided to call upon the Goddess in our opening ceremonies. And because we live in Western Society, both the Horned God and the Goddess are refered to in or ‘Calling of the Quarters’ by what we see as their most appropriate historical manifestions.

We start in Greece, cradle of Western Civilization, then move to the Celtic world ( whose religion the Wiccans stole!), then to the Roman and finally the Middle Ages (were the mentality of most Christians still thrives). This final quater is without question the most controversial because we call upon the Virgin Mary as the manifestation of the Goddess!

‘Virgin Mary? What the fuck . . . ? exclaims the person ignorant in history, little realizing that that is what the early Roman Christians renamed the Goddess. And the Horned God? It’s pretty obvious what they called Him, and still do to this day. Why did they give the Horned God the name of the supreme bad guy in their mythos? Because they hate what He represents. He represents power, lust, carnality, death and knowledge. He is the free-thinking individualist ready to live life on His own terms. He is our animal side, that aspect that keeps us tied down to the natural world, a world of matter instead of the spiritual. He is the antithesis of all that the Christians see as holy. And for their belief system to survive and for there to be calm within the herd, those traits of the human character have to be subdued. But the old time Christians weren’t stupid. They knew that the Horned God was a large part of what a human being is. By telling people that who they are at their core is evil, and you need to kiss the ass of Jesus to be free of that evil, they created an outstanding way of controling the masses.

But no matter what you believe, no matter what your faith, you can never, ever be completely free of the clutches of the Horned God.

Of Satan!


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