On the Absurdities of ‘god’


By InfernalOne666

This is an excerpt of thoughts I wrote down last July I titled ‘you say there’s a WHAT out there?’  It is a condemning, somewhat rhetorical rant by someone with an agnostic outlook on gods and god-worship to show just how ridiculous all these gods people like to complain about really are in the grand scheme of things we call reality and how they really have no place.  It can apply to any god, but, knowing me, I reserve it solely for yahweh.  I know there are probably many here that have felt and asserted the same, but hey!  I’m the ‘new guy’ here, and I have to show what I have and have come to these conclusions on my own terms – I only wish for it to provide insights.

“If there were a god, why would it be anthropomorphic to the point there would be image likeness between him and us?  Why would the god that created everything choose one race to fashion in its likeness and conveniently have dealings with him solely because of that?  And how do these people know that, anyway, especially when all interactions with this god happen in stories now debunked by history?!

Why would something omnipotent or immortal that created a universe filled with planets, suns, stars  and black holes, all these chemistry, physicals and biology and things care predominantly about what only humans do with their sex life?!  Why would it put itself in the position to create constantly changing and hypocritical laws for how humans should be acting, despite our consent, to see whether or not they follow along, and yet claim omniscience?  When you think it’s a man-made invention in order to scare people, it starts to make sense. If there is no proof of the actual identity of anything out there in the universe, perhaps that means it doesn’t care or isn’t sentient.  if it isn’t revealing itself, then it doesn’t and shouldn’t care whether or not you believe it exists.

Why would a god be so conniving?  It seems it’s entire motivation for everything it did is to have humans grovel before it.  Why would it’s omniscient, omnipotent, I-want-everyone-believing-in-me-without-any-actual-input-from-me-or-else-self deliberately create and allow the existence and opportunity for the existence of unbelievers only to hate, torture, mutilate, ostracize and punish them for being the way your plan had them be?

Why does this god want humans to rely on him to solve every problem his plan made them have?  Why have them not able to think and judge for themselves, why does he want to be the only one who calls the shots and why is it so committed to ensuring weakness and dependency in humans?

Why? Because a god of any religion is an obvious human machination made by primitive people with no knowledge of Earth to control the thoughts and behaviors of dumber humans, relying solely on belief it’s there *regardless of evidence*.  To have THAT be the only logistic behind this god’s existence is like trying to admit that it’s a fake.  If it requires blind belief and an abject denial of contrary evidence and the incessant excuses of the people that believe it in order to thrive, then the religion can not sustain itself – this was an important principle that helped pull me away from christianity and towards Satanism.  The laws any gods in question create are merely human laws using this concept of some spooky, unprovable, but all-powerful god character in order to assert these laws they want enforced over the cowards and make them accept it as the threat and action of death also helps by scaring people and eliminating dissenting opinions.  To say that we were made in a god’s image is to reverse the actual image fabrication where we made it in our image in order to glorify our massive egos, provide falsified histories that provide convenient benefits to the worshipers, and pacify our ignorance of various functions of this planet.”

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