Satanism and Communism


By Born Satanist

I’ve noticed a rise in interest in mixing Communism with Satanism. It must be said that the two will NEVER congeal. When we compare Communism and Capitalism in Satanic context, it’s not hard to see where Satanism would truly flourish to it’s greatest potential.

With Communism, there’s always a core foundation that is built upon a sort of Marxist utopia. A leveling of classes and promises of betterment and equality for the proletariat.

I thought communism had always had a form of monarchy and birth rites anyway. As in any society, fundamentalism and totalitarian view finds ease on the coat tails of honorable intention. History has shown time and time again where it leads.

From the view of a Satanist, there are those that have power, and those that give it. Regardless of whether there were a common societal philosophy such as Satanism, absolute power would eventually corrupt absolutely. The strong within a group of strength would still rise, as to the intentions and their legitimacy relative to the masses…it would be solipsism to ‘hope’ that any mandate would hold the ‘greater good’ and mindfulness of you and your kin as paramount.

Capitalism is just as bad in the obvious separation of class and often deplorable conditions from birth. Out of the two political concepts, are the ‘masses’ in either one, any less likely to succumb to a predetermined societal role of sorts?

The traditional view of freedom in liberalism comes from the capitalist success stories. They become beacons because the system provides an out for a life many can agree is often shit. Communism attempts to inspire the individual to accept the existing ‘shit life’ for a ‘could be worse’ scenario.

There are so many gates at the starting line of Satanism, that really each pursuant path is reflective of one’s existing core convictions…Be it opportunistic, dominant, indulgent and hedonistic, artistic and philosophical, driven to succeed, or all of the above. One of the two societal structures certainly seems to allow Satanism to flourish more than the other in my opinion.

Unless you’re part of that 3%, it doesn’t matter the political ideology…you are under the thumb of those chosen by their predecessors to maintain power. Satanism involves more of a revolution of the mind and personal liberation from conceptual hindrances and dualism (among many other evolutionary epiphanies). It’s unlikely for a ‘Satanic Party’ to ever emerge and take their rightful place in current political arenas, in the West or in China as current examples of said ideologies and politics.

The only reason Capitalism is in the state it is, is due to a complacent herd that handed their life decisions to the more dominant within their ranks and submitted all decisive power to the voluntarily unseen.

So many stuck their head in the sand for so long, and are now slowly becoming aware how vulnerable their asses really are being straight up in the air.

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