The roots of magic. II

Disillusionment and loss of wonder. chanpipat/Shutterstock

Look around and observe.
What do you see?
Computers and electrical lights.
What do they display?
Games, fantasies and blant information.

Surrounded by information overflow.
Is it surprising people reach out to cinematic universes?
Is it surprising the gaming INDUSTRY is booming?
Is it surprising alternate religion in on the rise?
Is it surprising people looking solace in fantasies?
The people have lost a vital part of their being.
Their ability to wonder.

Take a look at the occult-movement anywhere in the world.
People chant and performed pre-ordained and policized rituals.
Kneel to ancient names and indulge into metaphors.
Intellectual dishonesty!
Rituals of demand to the ancient spirits and gods.
Naive insignificance!
Complex interrelational pathworking trees.
Confusion through obsolescence.

It seems the wildness and intention of magical working has been lost.
Its very definition corrupted and forgotten as natural instinct dictates simplified rehearsal.
Automatization in a little sandbox.
Borders clearly defined and uncrossed.

The masters of yore were very different.
Masters of belief and common sense.
The greatest priests were those who tended their farms.
The innkeepers who heard the gossip and became wealthy influencers in their village.
The alchemists who laid the foundations of chemistry.

Do not imitate their being.
Practice their art.
Do not copy but learn the dynamics.

You do not believe in magic?
You dare claim to understand the basics.
Atheism and science makes the need for wishful thinking obsolete?
Are you surprised this “Atheist” age is one littered with depressions and high anxiety?
People have lost their touch of magic.

What is it?
It are not the chants.
It is not the rituals.
It is not the calling.
It is no given.

It is science.
It is knowledge of history.
It is experience.
It is praxis.

The modern engineer can be the old magician.
The programmer the old sorcerer.
The apothecary the old alchemist.

Times keep on changing.
Things common knowledge.
Condemned to triviality and insignificance.
Industrialized and processed.
No wonder remains.
As processes of skill became machinized in metal and flesh.
Mindful depravity and exhaustion.

The secret is easy to understand.
Learn to wonder.
The magic is not the result it wields.
It is acting. Combining.
Stepping beyond the border.
Lifting the veils of what you do not understand,.
Breaking the bonds.
And breaking out of the shell.

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