The Dark Closet

By Rafael .O

Are closed eyes the reflection of ourselves that we don’t want to see? Repressed thoughts linger in the oblivion of the mind and through the secret unconscious revealing itself as a threat to your conscious.
Darkness is the first monster to come about to the human conscious as an aggrupation to our individualistic Left Hand Path desire. When the closet is locked there is no escape from the darkness for the bulb has been removed prior to entering. When they believe that the occult is an alternative and have not seen that it has been the truth all along; the repressed expression starts to manifest to torment those with what has been given to us. Being placed in that confined space, called a closet, is to look upon the talent of the self to be enflamed through that inner most punishment. It is strengthening your weaker aspects as to strengthen your stronger aspects in that one moment of traveling through the void as a reverse polarity of the nothing existing in yourself.

That dark closet is for when we know that ourselves are magic and then believe that it is to be the change in ourselves. The few moments that our dark aspect is understood to form our conscious and to let go of those lingering fears. When we devoured ourselves throughout life it is the stage that sets us back to the nothing that is the Nun or Leviathan. The nothing is an essence of thought that begins to form an individual to their own expression of existence through that never ending expansion of the void. It changes you the broken self into a sinister dark journey. The dark soul is the whole of the self, but a dark self is only a part of the self. The nothing encompass all the planets, the sun, life and death in a void of space that is not black, but unseen existence that we created to indulge ourselves in. The dark closet is a small death taking you into the abyss to define and abstract the talent of the mind. Art, music, writing, ritual, expression comes about from this rite of passage that the uncorrupt darkness gives us. Being put into the dark closet to confront that entity resting upon your chest that takes your breath away to not scream from the terror. The un-color was left there to begin the invasion of the mind to look upon the lies that humanity has bestowed upon us. I have ample control of every tribe of unconscious self to occupy another shell to understand the breed of the desert and the forest. I begin to not lie to myself to share this wickedness of loving life and death, for black is the beginning and ever so the end. We are our own offspring to begin a forsaken journey to search of the “let go” center of life; becoming our own clock, for there is no time in existence. But only the un-birth that can never be fully explained as this mystery is only the manipulation that brings us back to survival; to dwell upon that one art call unconsciousness. We can say that Lucifer is the talent of the Self and Satan puts the fire into it; to darken the soul.

The closet without light is as closed to completion as you, a pagan of darkness, can be upon the Left Hand Path to opening that door that is locked, but never staying completely locked. It eventually opens and each time that you are locked inside you are destroying parts of yourself to only become yourself. The occult is an uncompletion within the nothing that stays within the darkness without boundaries. If we don’t have pride you will never share that space of existence where death is not death, but only one for you to open, and become death. We let go of our desperation within the dark closet and the true animalistic intelligence comes out. Becoming understanding with yourself as a demonic familiar is there for you to assist in your desires and requests. It is you that you are evoking to come through for yourself being solely grounded without a definition of quality. Desperation is an enslavement. That’s why religion has no quality and is a broken hope without a definition that shuns others out of existence. We are the children of rebellion that look upon our necromancy into recognizing magic as to reverse any existing order within this sphere of locked closets. That solitude brings fourth in many dimensions that were never thought possible inside. There is no distractions to impede that front cover to fill the black ink onto the pages and is always beautiful in the un-boundness where the slave fear is no longer a distraction. The occult in any format should teach to let free the inhibition that holds you back into the otherwise. If there is no struggle within yourself then progression will never take place. There is a struggle within the dark closet and you will come out from it eventually to aid your true self away from social acceptance, but to self-acceptance.

The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysis
The Order of Shiva