A Dead End Path

Goatboy, by Mark Hiblen

By Jasin Elric

I’m not a particularly old soul in the world of Satanism, though I’ve been a self proclaimed Satanist for little over 15 years.  In my time of venturing my own path, and having the privilege to speak with many knowledgeable peers along the way, I’ve learned much about myself, and have refined my paradigm on more than one occasion.  Knowledge, it seemed, in earlier times, was an endless commodity, and I indulged gluttonously.
As of late, the more I read, the more people I encounter, what little valuable knowledge I’m able to extract, seems to be nothing more than echos of long dead philosophers, or reiterations of recent intelligent thinkers, cleverly reworded to appear prototypical.  In my own thoughts, I sometimes find this to be true.  It feels as though there’s no more to reap, and all the same to sow; like walking the same mile every day, down a dead end path.
I find more and more every day that Satanism is lived and experienced, more so than it is studied and comprehended.  It’s an ever evolving personal paradigm that can never be completely defined, understood, or universally accepted.  What more is this than a collection of experiences to either reinforce, or decimate a superior, or inferior definition of what we all believe Satanism to be?
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