The “S” Word

By Thomas LeRoy, Founder of the Sect of the Horned God.

Since the beginning of time, there have been disparaging words for every kind of person there is. Most ethnic groups, from the Native-American, Irish, African-American, Asian and so on, have had that word, or words, used as a put down. An example would be the “N” word for our black brothers and sisters. Or “faggot” for our gay friends. There’s “dyke” for lesbians. It’s endless. My own beautiful wife, Mistress Babylon, is Romany (no, not Romanian!), but they are better known as that derogatory name created in the Middle-Ages by those who thought they were from Egypt: the Gypsies.
Now, there is a minority out there, a rather small group, that have their own “word”. You may have encountered these people, or may be one yourself. They tend to be a bit misanthropic, very individualistic, seem to gravitate toward the “dark-side” of life, and would rather devour the herd than join it! They live their lives on their own terms and are willing to suffer the consequences for their actions. They tend not to believe in a “Higher Power”, instead believing in themselves, nor are they afraid to suffer the wrath of any (imaginary) God, or Gods.
These rebels have been around since time in memorium. They have played a part in world history. They were those independent spirits that were burned at the stake for not following by the rules of the Church. They sparked the fuse of the Enlightenment, and have had such names as Voltaire, Ben Franklin, Nietzsche and even Mark Twain. But it wasn’t until the 1960’s that Anton Lavey took that word and decided to own it!
And what is that word? I think you know by now.
It’s Satanist!
Just as other groups have owned their “word” and defuse its power, Anton did it, but the outcome was a bit different. He held up a mirror called the Satanic Bible, and if you saw your reflection in it, you knew what you were. A Satanist! That word, though, in some ways, alienates our kind even more when we admit what we are. It scares most people. But, in truth, this plays into our hands. We don’t want the herd to accept us. We don’t want to relate to their inane, mind-numbing, ripe with bovine fecal-matter, mentality. It is a good word, a strong word! It cuts through the crap and gets to the heart. It empowers!
So use that word, my friends, if that’s who you are. Be proud. Fuck with the sheep out there. Make them fear you. You are are the wolf.
And who are they?
They’re just wool and mutton!
My “Satanists” friends, wear it with pride.

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