The Path


By Thomas LeRoy, Founder of the Sect of the Horned God

With the three Abrahamic faiths, the Right-Hand Path is not a “path”, but a final destination. They followed a “light” generated by someone else to reach that place of collective bliss where the idividual self is destroyed. We that travel the Left-Hand Path, though, are individuals ever searching. We are aware of the fact that we may never reach the end of or path. We will, more likely than not, be walking it for the rest of our lives, ever questioning, learning, growing. We also create our own light, allowing us to travel in the dark, instead of waiting for that guiding light. We not only keep our eyes on the road ahead, but we are also aware of our surroundings, ever ready to decry those false ethics and stifiling morals that may bar our path.
My personal angle of the LHP philosophy is that of the Epicurean. I can only rely on what my five senses tell me, meaning that the supernatural is simply a creation of the imagination. Angels, demons, gods and monsters need to be seen, heard, touched, smelled and, maybe, tasted before I will accept them as fact. A want, or need, in my heart for these things to be true is not enough for me. No matter what the romantics may tell you, truth is not found in the heart, but in the mind. For the heart hungers to believe, but the mind wants to know. Also the reason I am such a hard-core truth seeker is because gullibility is not a worthy LHP attribute. It will set you back by causing you to take misleading detours.
Not many on the left-hand path have companions. More often than not it’s a solitary journey. In my case, however, others have accompanied me. We call this group the “Sect of the Horned God”, the Horned God symbolizing what is of the natural world. Man as animal. Carnal. We in the Sect travel together out of an innate solidarity, not because of fear-based dogmas. We are not sheep in a flock. We, instead, are individuals that encourage one another to keep moving forawrd. We are aware that this is not done for altruistic reasons, but because having others to learn from, lean upon, makes the individual’s path easier. –TL

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