Sigil Magic…

By Born Satanist

The use of personal Sigils is something that has been of great interest to me for some time. I’ve experimented with them on countless occasion, and have found a percentage of success that surpasses coincidental variability…around 85%. This of course isn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ concept though, rest assured. Not in my opinion. It’s an empowerment, but not an enabler or crutch in which to throw caution to the wind in favour of ‘faith’.
It must invariably always be the true Will of the individual when creating a Sigil. If it is a matter of question, or, let’s face it, outright self-deceit…It’s a guaranteed fail. In addition, once there’s an expression of intent in matters of empowering desire,seizing tangible reward, or destroying one’s enemies…it is up to the individual to exercise every, and any, mental / physical faculty within them (with or without magic) to work for what they want.
When true intent is inserted into the personal value of the created Sigil, I find that the symbolic nature, the image itself, can pierce into the subconscious…especially if it’s one you’re proud of lol. With focus assisted in part with symbolic gesture, and surely genuine desire, the outcome initially envisioned often reaches it’s intended climax.
Sigils are all around us. We’re bombarded by them on a daily basis. Their creators may not have designed in mind of chaos magic theory, but the power of symbolism and exposure, reigns dominantly over the world of subtle suggestion.
Born some, the process to create your own Sigil is old news…for others it is new.The first thing that’s done, is the desire one has is printed on paper. Next, each letter that appears more than once is crossed out (3 L’s, use only one). Finally, each vowel is also removed until there is a nonsensical strand of consonants.

Here’s an example…

Mine Will Is Wisdom

Mine Wl s dom

Mn Wl s dm

Now you arrange the characters into a symbol, creation, drawing, whatever may hold significance to you. The more artistic and aesthetically pleasing it is, the more powerful it becomes in being recognizable (memorable) to the viewer. These work quite well in announcing intent, symbolizing accomplishment, and placing a ‘seal’ to your name (which is what ‘Sigil’ means).

Here’s a [very] quick example I created using the name Born Satanist…

At this point I’ve seen many opinions vary. And have heard of successful results regardless, simply because the person believed in it. Some say it must be ‘charged’ , others, that it is folded..put away..and forgotten..Personally, I will keep the original, use copies if needed and then use them in ritual, if part of that intention. Some go to the flame, others are put away… I’ve used binding runes, photographs and written word (all symbolic), all in conjunction (when relative) as well. This is the essence of the personal nature of the Sigil, to use visual aides and create a sort of Psychological catalyst…I’m not entirely through this 70 page article, but what I’ve read so far is certainly informative, should you choose to study this further.

Feel free to share experiences, successes or failures, and of course, opinion.

To learn more about Chaos Magic as a whole, I’d recommend looking up Peter Carroll.

Liber Null ~ Peter Caroll

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