Legion in the mind, and awakening your Demonic attributes…


By Born Satanist

I’ve been pondering some works, relative to a self help of sorts, in which I want to couple ‘spiritual/demonaltry’ concepts with the true form of Satanic symbolism (dominions of hell, the Prince of the Air and the attributes he oversees. Lucifer as the Crown, Satan as the Root). I believe that when grounded, and observed for what they are, which is a part of us all in our fleshy forms. These symbols and focus can empower the Satanist in awakening these attributes not yet dominant or tapped.Nested deep in the mind and thus body, are the attributes that many grimoires of the past personified. Is there merit to invoking these powerful relics. Does one have anything to gain from blowing the dust from these dark images. I say hell yes. What I suggest (to the dismay of many ‘theists’) is making these demons your own, claiming your own sentience and understanding that you give these beasts life. Often called ‘possession’, an internal Legion.
There’s great power in symbolic interpretation, and personifying useful attributes as we walk the adversarial path. We are ‘Satan‘ists are we not?
For the sake of numerous arguments from the theists and demonalterors that may view this demon from other perspectives, I will clarify the attributes I have chosen to take for myself. The fact that I have chosen Asmodeus from the many names given to said symbolic human traits, should provide a hint for those in the know.
The first son by union of Lilith and Samael (Tubal-Cain not observed), implies the product of furious lust. While ‘lust’ and ‘fury’ work well together in balance and compliment, many choose to relate it to the physical being, and carnal practices of the unbound Satanist. This attribute is transcendental in it’s concept.  Awakening a furious lust within when properly observed, brings the Satanist to not only achieve their goals, but hunger for fruition relative to intent and carrying out planning and goals.
I will not include invocations, as these are yours to own, I suggest your own book of shadows.
Asmodeus, the concept of the desire to live well and succeed. This is the piece of your Will that refuses to lay down, to want, and to obsess. ‘The over seer of the gambling houses of hell’, isn’t hard to see that this is what makes us willing to risk, as we lust for that which we desire… When observing Asmodeus, and absorbing these attributes, the symbol belongs relative to focus on splenic chakra in meditation. Honoring the creative, with furious lust as the inspiration…
**This is something I’ve been working on for a little while, and when published in it’s entirety, will address every chakra point, to achieve an internal kingdom of hell, with the individual as the ‘godhead’. I am looking for scrutiny here, and this is just a small taste, but what I’m asking I suppose is if it seems to fit. I trust there are members knowledgeable of these subjects, and ask that you remain observant that I will be nothing more than completely abstract and non-traditional.
This is rough draft and needs refining, but when done I think it may be a wonderful map. I also believe it will serve well to appeal to theists and symbolic Satanists alike. Should they so choose to toy with the Occult for personal gain and inspiration.
Ask anything as well, as I’m sure this will appear vague to many. It is an excerpt. The formula is conceptually similar to Qlippoth or an internal Sephiroth with fewer points and the awakening (embrace or defeat) of whichever symbol the individual chooses that suits their development best. I am simply including the symbols I chose, why and where they fit best.
I also plan to incorporate some portions of tantra when dealing with Satan / Root Chakra and how it applies to real life concepts (climactic release, situational penetration and laying of seeds), all designed to push the one who uses it.



Also, a natural ascension/descension (balanced respective to the intent when practiced) of  7 will not go in that numerical progression, leaving the user to jump from any point, to any point, so long as it strengthens the bond between Lucifer the thinker, and Satan the doer.
I often have issues laying points out in ordered fashion, and this work will feel like chaos, and that is also an intention, while bringing it to personal order. The essence of harnessing abyssmal mechanics…
Any feedback is appreciated. I will be changing the color and symbol of each chakra point when designing my own model (in terms of visual aid). Also, if I may seem to be close to anything you may have read in the past, understand that I have made it a point not to explore these realms by reading but by doing (outside of researching archetypal attributes and symbolic significance), so any resemblance is certainly coincidental to anything others may be doing. Personally, I likely haven’t seen it.


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