Manifest Destined



By Ixtar

I begin today with a cautious glance as I am now here far to late to turn back and flee. As I look into my inner most deeper self and see a world of reason and of sense. I take up my inner rages and desires and needs and wants and give them not to dead gods or devils of long ago forgotten existences.Before my very eyes I see the foot hills and valleys upon which I am destined t start to walk in my own way and experience these dark wonderful joys.

Cast away my fears and doubts for I alone bare this journey and I shall not fall prey to any one nor there whims.

I Invoke the inner god of my being and with wrath press onward with no fear or regret for my darkest days shall come to pass and at the end of this I shall become that in which I knew I always was.

Unshackle the death of my lost ones, strip away the pain and misery inflicted.

It will pass through me as a sand storm upon and arid dune shall.

Nature is my tutor as we all are.

My journey begins and I fear not.


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